Which is the best Motor to reach 50kmh

Which is the best engine to get as close as possible to the 50kmh with your eFoil ???

Say goodbye to the thought that only the motor makes a board fast.
It’s the whole concept with wings, mast, propeller, ESC and battery.
The best engine is no good if the rest isn’t right.

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Would you kindly stop spamming this beautiful site by opening a thread each time you have a question ?
As already said by other members, take some time to read the existing threads. You should find every answer you’re looking for. It just take a lot of reading hours to understand everything.

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Okay I stop.
But I cant delete my old threads it doesnt works!!!

I wonder if there’s a middle ground that provides helpful support for those getting into the sport without spamming up this beautiful site or committing them to a lot of reading hours?

We could rename this thread to ‘Ask all Noob Questions here’, for example.


I was thinking about starting a thread “Mistakes I have made” It would also take hour to read. Maybe a way forward is to look at the videos of people that have a proven working efoil then investigate the equipment that they have used. (Edit: Asking questions is OK some people will help)

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I don’t mind helping, we are all here to help each others and learn from our mistakes. But usually you can ask the specific question in a build thread. I think it’s still the best way to do it, at least it’s how I see it.
But like @theone said, there is no shortcut, you’ll still end up spending lot of time reading. Sadly this is the only way we can learn, this and practical experience of course. That being said, I m always happy to help if I can, don’t misunderstand me :slight_smile:

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I agree ! no point having thousands of treads it will only be more confusing.

It would be good to have a thread like that I would follow it.