Which mast would you recommend?

Hi everybody,
I want to buy a flying rodeo setup. FR has a gong-mast in stock. Does the gong-mast fit to the RL-fuselage?

Which mast would you recommend?

Yes but you have to drill a third in the back m6 for gong mast and for the first 2 I used sleeve m8 down too m6

I have to flat the rear off RL fuselage , maybe 8-10mm , the gong mast in a bit longer

Drilling it was easy , but make sure it is straight …
Will try to post a pic this evening

That`s great. When you are using this, I can order my FR setup and the RL foil. :grinning::grin::laughing:
What kind of prop would you recommend? Better I buy two for testing.
And after that,I can change the wings if it is nessecery

Does the gong wing work as well?

No for gong wing ( slide inside) you have to buy the gong fuselage and rear wing

People here are very pleased with Rl wing , I bought mine used and at first I was missing one plate to tilt the front wing, so I tried a few times to foil with it but it was to fast and no stable enough

learning to foil with a Rl wing will be not that easy compare to a gong M or L , I think but as I said the foil wasn’t set right

Using 7’’ prop… which seems the one most people used here

Thanks a lot. I`ve just ordered the FR with gong mast.

I think it is easier to learn on a surf wing because the AR (aspect ratio) is so much lower so it is more forgiving see @Riwi 's comment “the Gong M surf wing is too dull for me”. The RL wing is not a surf wing :wink:

I tried foilsurfing with a kite. It was not a big problem for me. Probably I have a good sense of balance. But I can`t improve it, cause my shoulders are a little damaged. So I want to go efoiling!

How did you manage that? @Flying_Rodeo doesn’t seem to want to sell me one.

He was on vacation. And he is very busy…