Which VESC or esc

Hi all,
I’m just got my first wing and foil setup. PPC 4.8m wing and 1850 armstrong foil. Still learning to stand.
I would like to build an efoil and would think it will help with learning foiling.
I have built ebikes and model gliders that have gone 400mph so have experience with carbon and molding process.
Motor choice seems like I will go with the 75161
VESC programming looks complicated .
I’ve been reading as much as I can about which vesc to use for a efoil build .it seems like everyone is having dramas with these flipsky VESC’s.
Could I use this esc HiFei Swordfish Pro plus 300A
Any help would be appreciated,



congrats! PPC make fantastic wings!
we have all sizes PPC and try to enjoy every windy day
so honestly if your place lacks windy days then efoil will help you to stat flying
but if it blows 1-2 times a week like 6-9 ms then you will learn to fly within a month max without waisting time building an efoil
is not that hard-for quick start you need stable board on flat water and steady wind
good luck

Thanks for advice mate. I’m new to foiling and haven’t surfed before. I can stand on board only natural feet position yet. I have 142ltr fanatic Not much wind here in Perth at moment. But summer we have heaps of wind.
I like the idea of efoil due to my time availability in which I don’t have to have perfect wind direction to go foil.


Vescs aren’t that hard to set up if you already come from an ebike/rc background. I run a 75200 now, setup time was 10 mins including some reading and if you need help, we’re here for you.