Which wing do you recommend?

hi friends, I’m compete into this “drug” and I need your help, I bought this tree and I would like some advice, where can I buy the fuselage, front and rear wing for this type of tree? I weigh about 70/75 kg. soon I will send you photos of my proje! :call_me_hand:Screenshot_20191019_205524|690x373 ct.

Shape of the gong or takuma 2017-2018 (2019?)
Foil gong M or M pro if you are skilled

thanks Alexsandre is just what I was looking for :muscle::+1:

RLboards.com have new wings ready specially designed to work for efoil, wingfoil and windsurf foil.
The Eray 1600 is carbonfibre wing in glossy finish see pictures below

eray preise
It has great efficency and we tested it an can foil at 20km/h with 80kg (140mm Prop) at 1100W power. But it is not only efficient it is easy to efoil as well;-)
The Alloy Fuselage fits to almost all masts as well as on the www.elevate.rocks efoil upgrade kit.
If you want to order it you have to contact rlboards.com at info@RLkite.com


What would be the top speed of that wing set?

A LOT depends on how you want to ride. Are you aiming at top speeds, huge long carves, slow carves, efficiency or a combination of all?
The best wing I have ridden thus far has been the unifoil hyper 170. Super easy to foil on, I am 90kg and can foil with around 1000W power and also get top speeds of 38kph. The best part is those stats were with a 12s battery and a motor that’s only 117kv. If I were to change to the flying rodeo motor I reckon I’d be foiling under 900W and easily have speeds over 40kph! And then it would be a whole other beast if I went to 14s!

We tested it up to speeds of 40km/h however it cruise best around 17-25km/h. We limit our efoil prop unit to 2,2kw shaft power as this is the limit in germany to ride without registration and that results in a speed of around 33km/h which is still quite fast;-)

soon I will send you photos of my project … in these days I should order the wing and this information is very useful, thanks, however guys a speed of 25 30 is enough to stay in the air with tranquility and enjoy the view … thanks :wink:

How much did you pay for it? I found that wingset+fuselage combo going for 1.1k as a pre-order! Is the slot to connect the fuselage to a mast the same as the lift slot?

I didn’t pay anything because I was testing a series of different wings made by them. Where did you see the wingset & fuselage going for 1.1k?
The bolt pattern is identical to the axis mast.
I designed adaptors for both the axis mast and gong mast so I could test them.

They are taking pre-orders! At that price, wouldn’t it be better to grab a lift 170 wingset?

I haven’t foiled the Lift wings so can’t really comment on them. It would be interesting to see how they compare in efficiency and speed though!

That’s an interesting concept but pretty pricey: 1090usd for a wing fixed to a fuselage, no mast (+670usd), no stab (+175). Total: 1935usd.
Which stab are you using with your efoil and the Gong mast ? A tiny one like the flat race one ?

Uni foil make an interesting mast with integrated plate, the "flat plate " mast.

I wonder how this 1051cm2 Hyper 170 wing compares back to back in the water to the previous high AR RL wing. Which one is the most efficient ? The RL costs 3 times as less though :neutral_face:

In 2020, NAISH is also launching a high AR wing range called “JET High Aspect”. That should suit the efoil practice from 1240cm2 to 1800cm2, here the 1400 and the whole range comparison table :

I was riding the surf style stab with the tips so that I could carve. I never bothered trying the flat race stab.

I haven’t ridden the RL high aspect, but it would be interesting to see how it compares. I’d imagine it would be a bit heavier (unifoil is pure carbon). What are the specs for the RL high aspect?

Information is not transparent like in other brands. Here we have the dimensions: 80 span x 17cm chord. On their FB page for a similar wing (2019 Feb 25th) they mention 1100cm2.
Check: 1/4 x( PI x chord x wingspan) = 1068cm2 so similar to the Hyper 170 from Uni-foil

The eray 1600 is a brandnew wing, designed esp. for efoils and wingfoil, that is super stable & easy to ride, so don`t mismatch with the one you are refering to.
Please ask them directly info@rlboards.com. Ißm shure they will give the the specs soon;-)

@ELEVATE.rocks I think there is a misunderstanding. @Jezza’s question was about the 2018 high AR wing parameters (that were really not easy to find), so was my answer :wink:
Yes I will ask.

By the way, you seem to be the only rider to have compared both 1100 and 1600cm2 with the same drive train. Would you have figures you would like to share with us like speed/rpm and amps preferably in a metr.at format like the Gong M or M Pro tested last Sept 2019 ?

this new wings from rlboards.com is not high speed wing but made for very easy riding and efficiency. At about 20km/h with 80kg you foil with about 1000-1200W and the eray is just super relaxed foiling and carving.
It has almost same values as the Gong Pro Wing, but weigh much less and has beautiful carbon fibre finish…Big advantage of the new fuselage is that it will fit on almost all masts as it has variable long holes to attach the mast

I just got the gong pro L. As it’s under water I won’t see the finish. Looks like a saved battery money then.

What efficiency did you achieve with the Gong foil ?