Who is using the Flipsky 200A?

I just received my vesc and I am wondering how to cool it and connect it.
I want ot using on a 6384 sensorless motor

My idea is to block the two outputs and using only the two inlets as input and output.
I want to remove the two connectors and use plug instead.

Do you have a link for a pump for Ø8mm tube (inside diameter)? Are 2$ pump on ebay go enough?
I am wondering if I can use the water from the propeler instead of a pump

It comes with a ton of long wires. My idea is to keep GND, 5V, PPM, Rx and Tx. I will cut the rest at 3-5cm long and put some silicone on the end.
Are there any other wires to keep? Their diagramm is not so clear.
Is it possible to add an On-off switch like the other EsC of the brand?
I cannot find the 12v either

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Could you not just put a small piece of tubing between the two output connectors?

Finally I will keep it as it is… I will use the two inputs and outputs. If one circuit is blocked I have still the other as cooling