Why I can’t fly new M -foil build

Hmmm, where to start. There’s no way to get the precise power control you need with a gas motor, it looks like you’re setting the output once and then trying to foil. we use wireless controllers for a reason–more power to get up on foil, and then drop back to maintain, unless you’re going for max speed. Is this supposed to be a board you stand on or a boat? The front wing looks like an old Gofoil M200 or maybe something smaller like a Kai, very draggy, low aspect, thick foil. Could be made to work but everything else would need to be just right and clearly it’s not. If you’re going to use GoFoil you’d be better off with a 280 which at least has lots of lift to go with all that drag, but there are better choices. The stabilizer looks ridiculous. The picture isn’t clear enough to tell, but it doesn’t look like a foil section at all. That’s not how stabilizers work–they aren’t arrow feathers, they are better described as rear wings. The angle between the stabilizer and the wing needs to be about +3 degrees. Your fuselage is crazy long. You’d be better off not completely reinventing foiling and going with something that has already been developed, like a complete Gofoil wing, fuselage, and stabilizer. The older Gofoil setups can be had dirt cheap, most folks have moved on past the old Kai, Maliko, M280, the 24" mast and the angled stabilizers so you can get them fairly cheap. You more or less need to know how to foil before you start using an efoil, at least get dragged behind a boat with a conventional foil and board and get the basics down. The board looks hideous, I can see you put a lot of effort into it, A+ for effort, F for execution–it’s more or less all wrong. Any swell hitting those slab sides is going to shove you all over. You’d really be a few steps closer to success with an existing foil board, or at least taking your building cues from stuff that already works. Don’t think I’m just being hard on you, I’ve made the same mistakes only worse. I tried to reinvent how foiling works to suit me. Bad idea. I made a lot more progress by taking advantage of all the effort that other people made to get this sport working.

i have good news! I changed the angle of attack of the stabilizer and now i can make much better
speed without lifting the front! At certain speed it start to foil! i have no video yet. will make some improvements to the board first. Then i can learn to foil!

Thank you all for the tips!

thank you also for your input. i have my doubts about the first point you mentioned.
I think the power control of the gas engine is smoother than a e-motor so no issue expected at this point.

The +3 degrees of the stabilizer is very good point! Before i had too much angle resulting in stall!

The rest of the board we can discuss:) But i agree it is quite unique.
Not sure if anyone tried before around the world, but never seen it.

For sure i understand that it will be easier to buy one.
For me it is a nice way to learn more about foiling.