Why I can’t fly new M -foil build

Hi all I have build a motor foil but i have no expirence in foiling. A tried a few times to get it out of the water but without succes. I Guess you have many tips for me!:wink:

What HP motor is that? It may be too small.

5 hp, i can make Some speed. Is it possible that the angle of the stabilizer is too large ?

Ca you share a video trying to fly?

Yes for sure

Move more your body position forward and go full throttle to get on a bit of a plane then shift back slightly when at speed, Looks like it wants to come out of the water but you’re to far back on the board

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You need to keep constant speed, and keep your body forward, board should be planing flat on the water, then you can start to play.

When i try to get the front down i’m reducing speed

You’re stalling the wing. That means lots of drag and no lift. As the others said, you have to gain speed before lifting the front.
If keeping the nose down doesnt work and your motor really has 5hp, then the issue(s) might be:

  1. Your board is really bad at planning
    2.the pitch of your prop + rpm combo is too low , that is, it is designed to provide thrust at low speed and will not be able to reach enough speed
  2. Perhaps the “fuselage” has too much drag?

Yes i understand that I think that i have to change the angle of attack of the stabilizer.
I think it want to take off to soon

Thank you for your explanation. I also think stalling is the problem here.
I assume when foil is working correct to will win speed by pushing the front down.
I lose too much energie this way. but not sure if this is caused by the angle of attack of the frontwing?
Or stabilizer? I will readjust the stabilizer and see what happens.

At the begining you want your board (and hence wing) to be as flat as possible to gain speed. Then very slowly increase the angle of the board so that the wing starts generating lift. The speed should start increasing as the lift kicks in, thus raising and reducing the drag of the board. Eventually you should be out of the water, if the wing did not stall.
The guys from foildrive have a nice video explaining this (in YouTube)

You can try changing the AoA of the stab, but imo the moment you can generate shifting your weight is much higher than the one of the stab.

On the video it seems to me that you’ve got enough power and speed to get up.

Your wing installation angle seems to be quite large and that together with the nose lift when you power up makes the wing stall. If the angle of the wing is too high already in installed position then it needs to be changed… i think you will be able to judge this when you’ve gotten up a few times, if stall is happening when board is only a little from horisontal then it will never fly well.

As all the others pointed out, you really need to keep the board horisontal and let the speed increase before shifting weight rear enough to start lifting.

Good luck!

Thank you for your input I know now that it is really important to get the speed up first when board is horizontal. the stabilizer and angle of attack are quite big, i think this is the reason it want to lift the front so soon. when this happens the frontwing works like a brake…I will change the angle of attack of the stabilizer

With certainty… That motor is too small. Show us your controller and battery. You need about 3000W to foil at about 200lb All out weight.

Controller?. Battery? It is gas (as in petrol) powered!

I’m an idiot… Although the missed detail was small.

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New possible reason for lack of flight then… Increase the pitch of your prop if possible. Hopefully your motor has some headroom for torque and you will gain extra velocity which will help you avoid stalling and get flying.