Why is Flipsky 75200 84V cheaper than Flipsky 75200 75V?

What is the difference between these two?
Why is the first one cheaper, although it has a higher voltage?
Why doesn’t the second one has thin wires?

Flipsky 75200 84V High Current With Aluminum PCB Based on VESC For Fig – FLIPSKY

Flipsky FSESC 75200 75V High Current 200A ESC Base On Vesc With Alumin – FLIPSKY

The top one is the newer one and has 100V FETs and a PCB from alu. Max 20S LiIon battery.
The second one is an earlier generation and has 80V FETs. Max 16A LiIon battery.
Form factors are also different.

Yes, but why does the older one cost more, although its characteristics are worse? Maybe it is somehow superior to the newer one?