Wich Motor or full propulsion system to buy

Hey felas!!!
This is Chako From Argentina!!!
I am a surfer, kiteboarder, windsurfer and mostly intent to do as much on the water as I can.
I have a company www.santatabla.com and we import and distribute boards and action sports to our country.
We are importing, F one, North, Slingshot and other brands, all of them produce Foils for kiting, surfing and sup.
So I am looking forward to get for me a big front wing ( fone have 1400 & 1800)
and as I live close to a small lagoon, I want to add to my foil an electronic propeler and batery system to my foil.

Im traveling to China next week and I wonder if I can buy a propulsion system at china…
I dont know nothing of propulsion…
I was wondering if this propulsion system will work on my big foil…

https://www.lefeet.com/ Maybe to use two of them?

Can you please tell me if this power is enought? they can carry a diver 6 kilometer per hour…
Might less drag deliver more speed?

If not can you please tell me where to buy a propulsion system?



500w max , i need at least 2500w to get started with a 1250 wings and my battery is 8 times bigger …

Take a look at this. I think it’s what you are looking for ?


where can I buy a mottor of 2500 w?