Wing edge touching the water

I am having issues with the wing’s edge touching the water causing the wing to flop forward and yanked out of my hands. It seems like a taller person (I’m 5’-7") has an advantage as his wing is higher off the water’s surface.

When I stand on the board and get moving I’m going at a slight angle to downwind. Once I feel comfortable I turn slightly downwind to gain speed and get on foil. In order to gain speed the leading edge of the wing is almost straight up and down causing the tip of the wing to touch the water.

Should I be turning more downwind and thereby the wing can be positioned at a, say, 45 degree angle as opposed to 90 degrees? I’m on a 5M wing.

Some advice I’ve heard on that. It’s a wing, not a sail. A wing is held overhead. Keep it up high and use it sort of like a pull up bar to help you break free of the water. After you’re up and going at a good clip then you can hold it more vertically by your chest. Front hand should probably stay up around shoulder high even at this point.

Pointing the center strut UP seems to be useful in that stage of getting up also. Having the center strut parallel with the water is bad until you’re up and moving.

AH… makes sense, Yeah I’m thinking sail when trying to gain speed. When I use it as a sail I gain so much speed it freaks me out (too fast). Next time I go out I’m going to think pull up bar and angle more downwind so just pulling in slightly on my trailing arm will catch the wind. So tiring to hold your leading arm over your head. whew :sweat:

For a guy who hates wind, Hdip is right. :joy:

The first time I lifted off it felt like I was getting pulled off the board. Also a great tip is to never let your front hand drop below your head.

But running over the tip is apparently a major issue early on and you get over it. I dropped mine a couple of times the other day when we were out but way less than I did a few sessions ago.

Also when the wing is high you can depower it just by lifting it further over your head and keep both hands on it, which is nice. I’m about 50/50 on that now but if you watch videos it’s how you gybe too so good to practice.

I ran over my wings over and over that first week lol.

While it’s true I mostly just parrot other people’s opinions, I have tried out most of the things I talk about. :slight_smile:

Kited for a season. Winged just long enough to know I couldn’t do it on my board.

The one thing I want to do but have never tried is downwind.

I figured you had to have some experience. I just still laugh when I’m out in the wind as I hate it too lol. It sucks til I’m riding and then it sucks again when I’m done til I’m in the car.

I do need to go somewhere tropical though and get good enough to fly in light wind. I could dig a 12mph day in Hawaii.

And we are going to crack downwinders this year, I can feel it.

You kited, crazy!