Wing Foil Style & Videos

Starting a video thread for wing foiling and discussion of style.

I offer that most flatwater freestyle tricks, while technically amazing and requiring much skill, simply don’t look that good style-wise compared to surf moves.

I offer that “flow” and smooth, continuous motion constitutes good style.

I still think jumping and tricks are probably fun (I’m merely an opinionated beginner at the moment) but I’m not sure they compare to surf style aesthetically. Tell me I’m wrong (politely) or agree.

Starting with this crazy crash video just because it’s awesome.

Titouan! Style master.

And then a crazy crash from him. Competition clearly makes you push the shore break limits.

When people ask me if I’ve tried straps I say. If you’re using straps, you better be doing airs.

I think the same thing applies here. You can only mow the lawn on flat water for so long before you start trying to boost.

I like jumps, as long as they are smooth and maintain flow. I just don’t dig all the weird twisting stuff and wing flipping.

The cats I like are all into carving turns. The never ending wave is really what I’m after and eventually downwinders without risking my life in 30 knot winds. :joy: Maui dudes are insane.

When you’re ready to do downwinders I’ll be ready to get towed :grinning:

Dang, those guys are good. You have convinced I need to get a wing now.

That shore break was brutal. Even more impressive than their tricks was how quickly those guys sprang back up after getting pounded into the sand!

New videos. More instructional than style.

Ben Beholz has a great channel. It starts here:

All his stuff is good and he tells non wind people how to steer which is nice.

Mac Kite has good stuff. This one is a good beach video. It seems stupid, but get on the beach or in your yard to figure out the wing. Way easier.

I’ll keep posting as I find good stuff. Add anything you like too.