Wingfoil efoil? +autonomy wind days and rescue

combination electric system in low wind days
And rescue yourself if you have problems with electric parts in long trips.
Follow me how to reuse old kite to get a wingfoil
my new kitesurf channel, thanks


How are you planning to pump the wingfoil up if you get stuck out at sea?

with my lungs and a bike pump

Great insight. I repaired a few kites with my domestic Pfaff sewing machine. However, a non industrial sewing machine cannot sew Dacron (the thick dark grey fabric, that protects the inflatable transparent TPU bladders in the vid). So, for these final tasks, I had to bring them to a sailmaker who had a powerful sewing machine like yours.

How big is a wingfoil when it is folded and not inflated ?

Well older kites didnt have dacron and plenty of them living in garages and sold for like 50โ‚ฌ :smiley:
Wonder where did my 10y old contra and switchbade end up :shushing_face: