Wingfoil leash-belt hook survey - 3D printed or commercial?

Which leash-belt hook do you use guys ? Would you have links of models that don’t break for:
3D printed hooks and print materials, ABS, PETG ? Any Thingiverse (TGV) tested hooks ?
Commercial hooks, injected plastic like the 16usd Dakine Hanger Wing Hook, designed to offer the ability to lay flat on the board ?

This TGV 3D printed one is appreciated: wing hook / crochet pour wing by slackite - Thingiverse

The strongest I have seen is a clever mix between stainless steel and PETG:

@efoilfun, thanks for your great board-friendly setup that I will definitely make and try !

Why using a sliding or retractable hook ? To preserve your board from dings !

Just discovered this hook on TGV from @Frage the beluga efoil dad.
You can use a 10EUR weight lifting belt as a harness from Decathlon or 10usd from Amazon:

More generally, on TGV, keyword: WingFoil, sorted by popularity:

EDIT: keywords “Wing hook” gives two more interesting prints: