Wings and fuselage for sale

Hey guys.
If anyone is interessted in this setup, just let me know.
The rearwing has a wingspan of 37cm, the frontwing 66cm.
The fuselage has an overall length of 91cm.
It is possible to fly at low speeds.
If you have any other questions, let me know. Shipping worldwide.
Lots of greetings. Joe

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Is it a Thekitefoil (today Mantafoil) ?

Hi there. Yes it is from Mantafoil.
Lots of greetings. Joe

Joe I would be interested. What would be the price? Bart

Hello Bart,
500 Euro plus shipping.
Lots of greetings. Joe

Hey, that’s over my budget. I’m sorry.



Hi Bart, what would your maximum offer look like?
Lots of greetings. Joe