Wings&Mast Size Recommendation

Hi there i’m thinking on purchasing the following kit

  1. What do you think about the size of the wings ?
  2. What mast size is better for efoil with those wings… (i thought about 60/70)?

Kit Sepcs:
“Product Type: Surf foil for hydrofoil surfboard
Wing Material: 3k carbon fiber
Mast materilal:aluminum hollow
Mast Size
Length: 600-900mm,Thickness:15mm, Width:110mm
Fuselage size
Length: 720mm
Front wings size
Length:635mm Width: 265mm Thickness: 35mm
Rear wings size
Length:384mm Width:118mm”

As there are so many Foils available locally now, I would not go for a CN one. Depends where you are based. In Europe, Gong and RL are affordable and they work well. RL has two wings specifically for eFoils, they can be found in the forum. Gong also has a big selection of different size front wings that work well for eFoils. Pro M or L, Pro Clear Veloce M or L.

Edit: recommended mast size is around 80cm
Wing should work but it is a bit thick, probably not the best for high speed. Also the surface area would help to judge, should be between 800 and 1600cm2 depends on your weight and desired lift speed/max speed.


Sat thank you for the recommendation
But those kits are tripling the price of the CN kit.

I also got a chinese one first…

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