Wire connectors between Box and Mast

Would be great to find out what Lift uses or something similar. They have a large two pin connector to the battery with a lock type connector (this is likely custom made). The the 3 motor phase connectors they use look very interesting!
Check out the video below at 1:20.

There’s a good chance they are made by Amphenol.
You could use the Hirose EV1 connector as it is IP68 rated and can handle 125A constant with 180A burst.

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I’m planning on using these for the battery and the motor plugs because I am building a board that is similar to lift efoil and have a 3D printed waterproof case that’ll hold the esc and arduino that I’ll be using as a receiver

Looks like those are rated for a max of 13 amps. You think that will hold up?

I don’t see why not if any thing the worst that I’d have to do is re 3D print the case.

For a new connector.

Scratch my plugs I got them in the mail and they are tiny I’m printing my own waterproof connectors for the 3 pole motor wires and 2 pole for the battery that’ll be using the same 6mm bullet connectors that I’m using for the motor to wire extensions that go through the mast.
Attached is stl for both if anyone wants to use them.


for 13A, but you also have to know the tension! what is the max voltage of this jack?

How did your connectors end up working?

I went to download the fusion files but not available. Could you share them so they can be downloaded? Happy to add to it.


i want to user your files for my build but i can’t download it. :frowning:
Please, can you share it again?

Greetings from Austria, Robert

has anyone tried MC4 solar panel connectors? They are availabe for up to 80A and are rated IP67 (IP 68 would be better). I would use them to connect the battery between ESC box and battery/electronic box.

maybe I could even use these and put 2 in parallel to be on the save side (only 10awg, 70A):

Keep in mind that you need a special tool to open them.
Otherwise they work quite nice.

I am working in Photovoltaik business, normaly you can open MC4 without special tool.
This are very good plugs and are really industry proofed.

I have been using three of these. One for each phase wire. I have XT150 bullet connectors soldered onto each end of all three phases. You just plug in each bullet connector and then slide these over and tighten down the glands on either side. Very nice quality and have been bone dry. Having to disconnect each phase wire individually is a little bit of a pain I guess but I don’t remove those wires too often.

Kehrbid 2-Pack Waterproof Junction Box Outdoor External Electrical Junction Box Underground Cable Connector - IP68 External Sleeve Coupler Ø 6mm-12mm (Black, PVC) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078PNBVCX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zri4DbZSH68RN

Good solutions but where do you have space for these connectors ? In the board on top of the mast plate? Make a hole for space to store the big connectors?

I’m still using the same since build #1. They’re bulky, not even close to practical when it comes to attach/detach mast and board (I never store the mast on the board), I dug a recess under the mast but with those the cables are longer and I zip tie the 3 connectors on the back of the board, out of water wen planning. The ensemble looks all but professional… but whatever.

Here is the first (and latest) generation of Duotone hollow carbon mast. Light, strong, waterproof with plenty of volume for 3 or 4 connectors close to the mast plate… You will notice the soft joint on top. It is a speed kitefoil mast. Looking forward to see that principle adapted to efoils since the mast part that needs to be large to resist to the highest strains is the top part where we also need volume for our connectors.

191204 Duotone hollow mast 02
191204 Duotone hollow mast


Any test or sample ones for sale?

Just google “Duotone daytona”. The complete hydrofoil is sold 3000€ or 3600USD :cry: I don’t think that this mast exists as a spare part. Therefore the idea to DiY one see below.

This mast is part of the Duotone Daytona race foil:
Mast: 1.05m long, 2.39kg. A 90cm one would weight around 2.0kg. Not bad.

Pictures taken from https://actionsportswa.com.au/2019/12/04/duotone-daytona-race-foil-review/

Using 10-15 layers of fabrics, It should be possible for a skilled DiYer to make such a monolithic mast in one shot, either around a mold that looks like this mast + vacuum/infusion or inside a 2-part hollow mold plus a compression bladder.
Other possible building technique: New build from 3D printed molds (very low cost, but high performance !)

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