Wooden E Foil Build From Germany

hi, ah ok. ist etwas weit auseinander. ansosten hätten wir sicher viel zu plaudern da ich geshen hab das du handwerklich vieles sehr schön machst. bin selber tischler, fräse mit eigener cnc ( makko mit step four Steuerung ) alles mögliche. modellflug, manntragend elekto paramotor, baue auch cfk Propeller mit prepregs usw. beruflich mach ich das seit 2006: www.hausschmuck.at falls du Interesse hast ich hab von einem Wettbewerb den ich veranstaltet hab für elektro paramotor noch einige datenlogger auf Basis des isie Cockpit. damit kannst du den Strom etc. messen wie auch mit gps die km/h. das ganze dann zb. in Videos einblenden. das gerät ist plug an Play. zellenzahl von 6 bis 14 S völlig frei einstellbar von der Kapazität. wenn du magst stell ich ein bild davon hier rein. lg Beispiel wie man Daten ins Video einblenden kann. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5QPIAW9GNE

Yes the programm is profili2 dev wing molds best regards sebastian

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Beautiful wood build.

Can you share the STL files for the Slingshot mast clamp? Thanks.

this is the files of my complete Impeller drive with clamp and everything i made
the Jet drive takes a 24mm,22mm bearing and a 21mm mechanical seal with stronger spring.alu tube ist 60x1.5mm the Jet drive testet on 10s and 180a esc ist not enough for foiling it takes 15kmh when everbody look to playing with this have fun. best regards Sebastian


He guys have anyone a idea for on esc for 14s best regards sebastian

Easy use, easy setup, rock solid, bulletproof:
Flier ESC Boat 400A 16s. ProgBox is a very nice to have, you can set up your ESC very easy on the field, without any PC struggle.

If you want more possibilities for programming, current limitation (i think isnt needed, if your setup is correct), and logging ability, this may be a choice:
High Current FSESC 200A 60V
But with 14s / 58,8V you push the limits.
I have never used a VESC, so i cant say anything about it.

A little Update of my build new sealing for the Cover and new MGM Controller


Today was the First ride it was amazing but the mast Position its not so good it can be more Back of the board and a little water leek on the board


New board build start in November 160x66 90L

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[Edit] Very nice piece of work. Would you have an electrical wiring diagram ?

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I use akushaper to plan my boards

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Schickes Board , nehme auch eins :smiley:
Gruss aus Köln

Please let me know if it is possible the wings be made of wood?

Clearwater foils used to make the wings from wood.

Are there models of tested wings floating around? I tried searching the other day and I found a few pictures of DIY wings but that was it.

I was mostly curious about available 3D models so I can print and fiberglass different wings to see how they perform vs the one I purchased. I could make a model myself, but I have very little experience with wing design.

Everything? I have practically nothing to build off of. I’ve really only seen two odd metrics recommended on this forum:
-High aspect ratio
-Flat bottomed wing

Beyond that I can glean a number of other odd attributes from kitfoiling wing descriptions, such as:
-Surface area
-Rough shape (curved front edge when looming at the top, concave front profile)

I do know that the default angle of attack will be important, but I have no idea where to start from. I could maybe hazard an estimare from my current foil.

I really don’t know what I don’t know, so it’s really hard to ask for specifics, or even just search for relevant threads. But the best scenario would be a link to a tested design with a 3D model so I’d have a starting point where I could adjust certain parameters and see the changes myself.

You said that wood laminate bands easily. What is your opinion about using multi-layer epoxy resin coating for wood to improve its strength?

Hi, I’m not a wood expert, I only specialize in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics (I do research, development, measurement, 3D CAD modeling and prototyping), yet here’s what I think: Applying a multi-layer epoxy resin coating to wood will do very little, almost negligible, to improve its strength.

I said above that it will depend a lot (to make the wooden wing bend as little as possible) if you know how to work with wood, what technology you use and what shape of wing you choose.

Unless you are a woodworker (joiner, cabinetmaker, …), it will be better to make the wing out of fiberglass or carbon laminate.

Just for the record, in the first post of this thread, you can see in the photos that a wood expert can easily make a wooden plank (and a very beautiful one at that) but prefers to make the wing out of carbon fibre laminate.

So guys i starting my new board with flipsky motor and mgm controller pictures coming soon i must build a waterprof battery hatch an when this is going wright i start to build my board have somewere a flying rodeo prop for the flipsky motor to sell i searching for one best regards sebastian

I musst wait a little bit to much tension in the wood because the big Radius in the lower deck