World record drive

I started to work on this drive to establish a speed world record. Due to change of circumstance I reluctantly have to let go this project and will probably regret it.

This drive should get past 60kmh+, with the right foil and a taltented pilot probably way past…
This is not for beginner and I would prefer to sell this to someone with experience.

All parts are brand new

Part list:
Motor SSS56123 kv500
Gearbox PLE040-003
Housing 6061 T6
PLE040 to motor mount 6061 T6
Ruland MCLX-12-10-F coupling
12mm shaft HRC59 sus400 stailesss steel
SKF6301 2RS bearing
SKF6201 2RS bearing
12x26x7 seal
12x32x7 seal
1024 Thrust needle bearing

Part to be made:
-Rear housing cap. One is machined but untested.
-The 12mm shaft will have to be machined to fit the prop you will use
-On the motor/gearbox adapter, a 5mm hole has to be drilled to allow tightening of the collar using an allen key.
-Cables have to be soldered on the motor.

I will send all the CAD files and assist the buyer with completion.
Asking price: 700USD