Wrong temp on Flipsky VX3 remote when using VESC 75100

The remote shows a temperature which isn’t the one from the VESC. Also in the Log the changing Temp is not the correct one and the others aren’t changing.


Only the Sensor “Temp MOSFET 1” shows the correct temperature of the ESC. But in the Remote it shows the blue sensor.
The other VESC 4.12 I have do not have this problem. I think the sensor is mapped wrong in the Firmware.

VX3 FW: V1.5

What can I do? There is no way to change it in the remote or the VESC Tool as far as I know.

Ok I figuered it out myself…

The 75100 ESC has three MOSFET Temp sensors in the firmware and the output temperature is only the highest of the three. When the ESC is cold the highest is a 30°C sensor where there is no actual sensor connected to. So the esc never shows you any temperature below 30°C. Also not on the flipsky remote.

I my log the ESC is watercooled with very cold water (about 5°C) and so the temperature never raised above 30°C and therefore the remote showed the wrong sensor all the time.

So the issue could be corrected by FW : don’t display the temperature if it comes from the MOSFET which doesn’t have a TEMP sensor connected to it … right ?

Yes this is correct. But I have no idea how to do this.