Wrong temp on Flipsky VX3 remote when using VESC 75100

SOLUTION: Update Firmware to the correct one! See posts below.

The remote shows a temperature which isn’t the one from the VESC. Also in the Log the changing Temp is not the correct one and the others aren’t changing.


Only the Sensor “Temp MOSFET 1” shows the correct temperature of the ESC. But in the Remote it shows the blue sensor.
The other VESC 4.12 I have do not have this problem. I think the sensor is mapped wrong in the Firmware.

VX3 FW: V1.5

What can I do? There is no way to change it in the remote or the VESC Tool as far as I know.

Ok I figuered it out myself…

The 75100 ESC has three MOSFET Temp sensors in the firmware and the output temperature is only the highest of the three. When the ESC is cold the highest is a 30°C sensor where there is no actual sensor connected to. So the esc never shows you any temperature below 30°C. Also not on the flipsky remote.

I my log the ESC is watercooled with very cold water (about 5°C) and so the temperature never raised above 30°C and therefore the remote showed the wrong sensor all the time.

So the issue could be corrected by FW : don’t display the temperature if it comes from the MOSFET which doesn’t have a TEMP sensor connected to it … right ?

Yes this is correct. But I have no idea how to do this.

Check the 75100 firmware in this thread. It might solve your issue:

To summarise a long thread: flipsky stole the 75100 design made by user ”ypl” on endless sphere, stole the VESC firmware developed for a different hardware which causes problems with all sorts of things since stuff like current sensors aren’t the same.

I can’t say if the corrected firmware solves the temp sensor issue but it’s worth a shot.

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Thank you!! That solved the problem! Now the correct temperature shows on the remote! Also the motor current shows correctly and without that heavy noise.

Cheers mate, that was good news!

With the history of this controller i’d rather boycott it and get something else.

I wonder if there are any ok VESC options that pay something back to the hardware designer and Vedder

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Possibly the new TRAMPA VESC6 MK VI High Powerv 60V cont/max/spike current 80/180/210 amps for 300usd€ excl vat and custom duty. It would be fine in a alu case above the mast plate…
Cutting the cell charge voltage at 4.00V, a 14s Li-ION battery would be fine.
As a reminder: 14s x 4.2v = 58.8v + possible voltage spikes.
14s x 4.0 = 56.0 V so a 7% safety gap under 60v.


Credit: @ELEVATE.rocks

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The trampa gets to a whole different cost level, about 400-450eur for me with taxes and shipping

Does Trampa give a reasonable warranty?

I’ve seen quite a few dead trampa 75300 here and without an ok warranty it’s a bit too expensive.

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+50% really ?

I cannot comment on that. What do you guys think ?

I recall @jeffM with a VESC MK IV and @brycej with a MAKERS HI200 OK in their alu box
'Redpinelabs board #2 - #12 by brycej

Ok had Problems. Full throttle wasn’t pulling more than 40% of before. Had to set motor current to ridicoulous high values (800A), than I got a bit more throttle, but still got only to 60A motor current. Before the Firmware update I maxed it out at 120A and had lots more power.

Do I maybe have to use the 5 ohm firmware??

It’s more like price is 300%…
I can get a makerbase 75200 for 150eur shipped and taxed.

I am not saying it’s not worth to pay for a trampa, but to have western prices you need to give a western warranty but for controllers it’s always difficult to judge if customer was killing the controller or it broke anyway so fair judgment is needed from the company and i don’t know Trampa’s reputation…

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I’d stop using it and pop a question in the esk8 thread. Which firmware does the vesc tool say you have now? Sounds like the current sensing is way off. Did you remove phase filters (even though removed in firmware if i understand the thread) and is detected motor parameters reasonable?

Think i read in the thread that there’s a hardware difference of 1 vs three stacked shunts for current measurement (but which hardware it was referring to needs to be checked)

This would offset current measurement by 3x if same shunt is used so maybe this is the problem for you.

Ok, I made a false statement. I do not actually know if it worked before the update, because it was another ESC then (VESC 4.12)

I still have absolutely no idea where to look for the root cause. I will reset everything to stock parameters an test again.

Let me think…
if makerbase esc has 1x shunt resistance and firmware has setting for 3x shunt resistance then voltage drop on shunt is 1/3 what is correct and current is reported as 1/3 vs reality. Esc will allow too high current

If makerbase esc has 3x shunt resistance and firmware has setting for 1x shunt resistance then voltage drop is 3x higher than correct and current reported to esc is 3x higher. Esc will restrict to too low current

It doesn’t make sense either way, for the program to report a lower current than requested then the measured current figures shown in diagram and the controlled current must come from two different places…

…or maybe commanded current by throttle is too low with the new firmware. Can the throttle matching be a factor?

I sure like to know what the root cause is on this one.

Had this set to 5% and put it back to 100.
Now it works.

Easy enough to forget/miss but still :slight_smile:

Are you running duty cycle mode, any particular reason?

No, I am running current. You actually can’t run duty cycle via a remote on UART. Only via PPM.