WTB: Turnigy 6S 20000mAh

Recently blew out one of my two Turnigy multistar 6S 20000mah batteries. Now I only have one good one that is useless without its twin.

Trying to find a replacement but they no longer sell the multistar series (the green one). image

They do sell the newer blue version. It looks like dimensions are slightly different and it has a slightly C rating (they claim). Not sure if it would be sketchy to run these two batteries in series since they are slightly different. Also, they are currently out of stock on Hobby King.

Anyone have a spare one of these they would be willing to sell? Preferably the green multistar one?

Also looking into building a couple 18650 based packs to replace these but this would be the easier option for the time being.

I wouldnt mix a newer and older lipo with different internal resistance on a series lipo pack. Even of the same brand.

I recommend buying two new ones.