WTF? hit a rock and broke my efoil again

I went riding on a nearby lake tonight, really nice weather and spot so i had a great time until wham! Hit a rock under water and took a splash. Mast mount plate broke in pieces, it was torn completely loose but board was unaffected so i guess the board is strong enough :grinning:

I had to lie in the water for half an hour towing myself with the board while desperately trying not to drop the wing/mast/motor. Water temperature now was high enough to only cause uncontrolled shivering, if this would’ve happened during winter then it’d been ugly.

Kinda makes you think, I was lucky to get back through my own efforts, otherwise i’d been in trouble. I’ll start bringing my phone in a watertight bag so at least i can phone for help if i’m OK but stranded somewhere

stay safe out there!