(WTS)(EU) 14S12P 36Ah samsung 30Q battery in waterproof case


I am selling new 14S12P 36Ah battery built from Samsung 30Q cells. cells are from nkon, welded with Kweld with 0.2mm thick pure nickel. every parallel group is isolated with fishpaper. this battery is capable of around 200A continuous current. battery fits perfectly in Max004 waterproof case. since there are 12 cells in parallel, this pack won’t produce any heat and batteries will give their full capacity and will hold their maximum capacity for much longer time.
battery was built, charged, driven for minute and a half before I got water in my vesc enclosure and vesc was destroyed. battery case was submerged into water and there were no leaks. however, I would not consider it waterproof, because it is cheaper waterproof case and another level of waterproofing will be necessary in my opinion.

price is 750 eur for battery with case and QS8 connector. I will include male connector too. I can install XT150 or just 5.5mm bullets if buyer wish that.

I can install Bestech 14S D140 charge only bms too. this bms will balance battery during charging, but it won’t have any effect during discharge because it will be wired for charge only. bms fits inside case nicely.
+50 eur for bms and installation.

if you want any other bms (maybe full charge/discharge?), we can work that out too. I will order and install it, but most probably there won’t be any space inside enclosure for it.

shipping from Croatia. shipping will be around 20-40 eur and I can ship only inside EU


Which company are you using for shipping?




My only option is GLS, because no other company wants to ship batteries out of my country.


I have the same problem, will check with GLS.

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Yeah try them, I had really good experience shipping batteries with them. And they have okay prices.

price lowered!
I think you can’t get pack this powerfull and big for this money anywhere else!