X Flight Warp 9?

New forum member here, just spent the last 4 days learning to ride an efoil at Lake Powell. I believe it is somehow related to Waydoo, but it says “X Flight” on the back of the board and “Warp 9” on the mast and controller screen.

It looked very nice and seemed to be of high quality, but this was my only experience with any efoil so I have no comparision. The mast/fuselage/wings look like the one on the Waydoo website, and the board looked similar but not the same.

There was no manual and I couldn’t find any info online so I just tried to figure things out. Eventually learned how to connect everything, turn on the battery, and how to use the controller, but a manual or some videos would have made it much easier.

I found none of the quality issues mentioned in another thread regarding the Waydoo product. Everything fit correctly, all the components and electronics seemed top-notch, it came in a nice rolling case, it included two sets of wings and two batteries, and everything worked perfectly over several days of riding (falling). I don’t know how much power other boards have but this one had plenty for a beginner. It was very quiet and performed very well for a beginner.

If anyone has any info about this manufacturer (owner’s manual, parts, accessories, etc.) or this particular efoil please let me know.

Does anyone have info on this board?

Can you still take some pictures ?

It’s been announced last March as the “13k$ reskinned Waydoo efoil”

Yes, that appears to be the efoil I used (I’ll try to post pictures later). I had none of the quality issues or problems mentioned in the thread though. It worked perfectly over dozens of rides.

I wish there were a website so I could get more information.

Here’s a picture of the board. The mast is the same as the Waydoo.

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BTW, is it normal for the battery compartment to be completey filled with water on these efoils? The hatch closes completely and the seal is intact, but every time we opened it to change the battery the compartment was full. The very first time I thought something was wrong and it would be ruined, but it ran just fine for 4 days. I therefore have to assume it’s not supposed to be waterproof, but it just seems odd to see all those electronic components and connecters submerged.

No it shouldn’t be full of water. The stuff inside should be waterproof on the off chance water gets under the hatch.

With repeated submergings I don’t see how it can remain completely watertight, but it kept working.

Yeah you really don’t want that, inside stuff may be (semi?) waterproof, but you don’t have 10lbs of water sloshing around when trying to efoil. I’d contact the manufacturer and see. I get annoyed if I got more then a few drops of water inside my DIY boatd. Do they not have a gasket or anything?

Yes, this was a brand new board with a gasket and hatch.

Leaking though the mast hole?

Possibly, but it was installed properly and the bolts were very secure. IDK.

Make a quick and dirty blanking plate where the mast goes out of aluminium or steel with a piece of rubber between it and the board. Tighten it up in place of the mast and submerge the board in a bath/paddling pool to see if it is intact the hatch leaking.
If it is then try the paper test, place pieces of paper half in the hatch and half sticking out and seal the hatch shut. If you can pull the paper through easily when closed then that’s an area which potentially may be leaking.
Nice looking board though :call_me_hand:

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So if it’s Waydoo? The battery in a flyer one is not in a waterproof compartment.

The battery drops in and the mast plugs in to it , from the bottom

Need more pictures

It’s not Waydoo exactly, but it’s somehow related. It’s called a Warp 9 XFlight and is very similar to the Waydoo. The picture below shows a Waydoo, but mine is the exact same board (except it says XFlight not Waydoo of course) and has the exact same battery, hatch, internals, etc. You can see that there is a seal around the hatch area. The second picture is of my controller, which is also related to Waydoo but mine says Warp 9

You all ready got it wet a few times so maybe once more intentionally to check for leaks.

Leave out the battery, install the mast, and fill the compartment with water and close the lid and see where the water is leaking out. Then flip the board upside down to check for lid leakages.

I remember seeing a post last year regarding a modification to strengthen the Waydoo wing/motor area but I can’t find it now. Does anyone know where I can find info on that modification?