XFoil. Another budget efoil?

The jet powered e-tron efoil is here.
German built with no dangers of a prop.
Now combine this with level foils balancing efoil and you have a game changer.
Safe with no steep learning curve.

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Ever flown a jet powered RC plane? Ridden a jet powered motorcycle? Throttle inputs are sluggish. Pull the trigger, wait for thrust, not that fun… Props can deliver instant torque when you need it. That’s a difficult e-foil foil to learn on and ride. Much steeper learning curve than prop e-foils.

You’re comparing air jet to water jet which is not fair at all. Owning a Yamaha SuperJet I can tell your jet propulsion using water is far from sluggish. Does that looks sluggish to you :

Comparing 1.5KW to 150KW.


One of the examples given is a jet powered motorcycle that can have north of 300 KW. I’m not trying to argue that this has anything to do with efoils, I’m just trying to say that stating that jet propulsion is sluggish and has bad throttle response is not fair nor is it accurate.


It is less efficient compared to propeller in “low power” needs (at least for now). Its not sluggish by its own. I would actually agree theoretically that jet would have more refined power control range once up and running. But efficiency in battery powered vehicle is the most important,especially when weight and available space is very limited in very resistive environment such as water. Pros vs cons in prop vs jet, i would say prop wins in my humble opinion for this specific use. Then again,things and opinions change over time.

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Audi made a fliteboard which looks better.

Thanks for chiming in here, nice to see a company that isn’t afraid to jump into the fray to defend/support their product. With your indiegogo at 20x your funding goal, appears you have some backers.

I see on your website that you will be selling your battery for $999 or $1499 for the short and long range options. Products | XFoil - Surf or Fly
Can you provide any technical specs on the battery? I see the weight and range on the indiegogo page, but any more info would be helpful. I am working with friends on an e-assist unit now, but the next project may be a full size efoil, so we’ll need to figure out a battery. Your price seems attractive, but I don’t yet know much about how batteries compares.

Thanks for any more info you can share. [ps just a thought, probably too late now, but these batteries could be an interesting funding perk on your indiegogo perhaps]


Well this battery case looks similar to the HISUN efoil battery. But what is more interesting there are only 2 wires coming from the battery? So no bms communication? or using Lipo batteries ? :thinking:

Well the indigogo video shows it does about 10-12mph in surf configuration… Actually that is the same speed I achieve with the 65162 if not foiling… So yes might be true, they use the 65162 and you can`t boost it above 5kw :wink:

When is the board going into production, and when can we expect to get our boards?
Also, could you please post some current pictures of the XFoil as it is before I drop a bunch of money on it? I’m ready to pull the trigger, but I’d feel better if I had more of an idea of the current status.
I have a consultation call today.

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Please keep us posted on what you learn. I have tried to reach out to the CEO Paul and heard nothing back. I was an early Kickstarter backer of Waydoo and have had good communication and a positive experience with my Waydoo. I was considering backing XFoil, but they have not been good with communication and have released few updates.

Un jetski avec un ami qui nous tire c’est moins cher mdr

It’s quite clear that the diy community is not your targeted customers, confrontative attitude and statements that i am sure you won’t fulfill. Why even start an account here with communication that sinks your brand? Once it’s on the internet it doesn’t go away :-1: