XFoil. Another budget efoil?

Ok. So which one if you is behind this? Nice addition of plugs in the rear of the 65161 motor so you can unplug it.

I saw them testing this at my local beach here in Kailua. It didn’t look like it performed very well.


not mine but using a similar design to mine from back in 2018 lol

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The nose of the board looks like it wants to stab you right in the face!

  • Put a prop guard on in surf mode, someone’s gonna bleed out.
  • Plugs, meh… If its designed properly you dont need to plug and unplug. Just one more thing to fail.
  • Stop using these crap props China! It’s truly not hard to design a basic prop that’s way better.

Well 10000€ + taxes is not a buget foil at all :rofl: Especially if you recognize that they use a lot of DIY components :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for sharing our project. I’m the creator of XFoil. That was probably me you saw on Kailua, HI testing early prototypes. Kailua is my 2nd home. We were mostly testing reliability, endurance, etc not necessarily performance maneuvers that it would look cool to observe from the beach. It’s unlikely you saw the full foil configuration in action.

The motor we use is similar in size to 65161 however it’s fully custom built with special neodymium magnets, custom windings to optimize torque for both surf and foil configurations (it’s not an off the shelf motor.)

XFoil uses mostly custom components, hand laid carbon fiber, custom machined aircraft aluminum, and custom electronics engineered in Silicon Valley, CA. It will be the best most advanced board on the market. It will retail for $14k but we are offering an introductory package now for $9300 off from Indiegogo as a reward for helping us get XFoil quickly into production.

The prop we use is a Yamaha prop and can later be changed out to other props such as folding props. It’s a good and efficient prop. It’s unlikely someone will “bleed out” because we have engineered many safeguards. Surf mode has a prop guard. See section “Safety Features” on the campaign page for details.

The nose of the board is designed to perform well in waves.

Sourcecode, love to see your design in 2018. Let’s put it to the test against ours. :wink:

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. See you on the beach!

It is really hard to keep everything watertight and for a long , I used plug in type setup for my motor and my battery box on my first built , just take in count that after many plug and unplug they get loose : just need some manutention to order to keep good contact in the plug , otherwise with high amp they will solder together

Does the xfoil use a gear box or direct drive?
The battery case looks like a Chinese battery case/battery seen in other Chinese e foils.
Where is the X foil manufactured?

Actually it is similar motor of the 65162 so direct drive… Geared drive is almost gone, except if you want to build a really slim & low resistance motor pod with about 45mm diameter :wink:

By the way, I saw a prototype of german brand F2 on a local lake, it was as well an inflatable e-surfer that can be converted into an inflatable efoil… looked nice and the guy told me they want to bring it this summer for about 8000$…That a big :+1: from my side…

XFoil is direct drive. The battery is custom designed to meet the specific requirements for power and energy density to delivery optimal performance. Yes making it water tight is a big challenge. :slight_smile: We’ve spent over a year engineering and perfecting XFoil. All design work is done in in Silicon Valley, California.

XFoil’s raw components are sourced globally and we do final assembly, inspection and quality control in Fremont, California. We’re located next to the Tesla Factory.

That’s the 65161 exactly, not just ‘similar in size’. So unless you have a whole new motor to show, I’ll go with the reasonable assumptions its straight from the same factory as the others…

Can’t wait to see you back up this claim. Especially with Fliteboard, Lift and Flying Rodeo knocking about, the latter with the most advanced motor on the market also available in a surf config already.

I used plx device on my cars for mapping , nice products

For sure you have the back up technology on some components for years now ( follow plx and innovate from the start)

Waiting for the results and if you post on this forum , arm yourself😄

If you did design this motor housing, it seems you hired the worst engineers you can find in silicon valley. It would have been soooo easy to create a rear shield that give good flow to the prop, but instead you designed a hydrodynamic disaster.

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The parent company looks legit to me, I called them. They will deliver the best product or they will return my money. Cant loose either way, as someone who can’t afford to buy expensive Efoils with no experience in Efoils, this looks great for someone like me.

Looking at a motor’s exterior does not reveal what’s inside. XFoil’s motor internals are custom. XFoil will outperform all other boards.

Thanks Alex. Your cars run better with the wideband AFR info right? :slight_smile: Anything else you need please let us know.

Rear shield won’t add any noticeable performance gain. There’s already turbulence from the prop.

XFoil will retail for the same price as top of the line e-foils. On Indiegogo we’re funding the quick production for XFoil as a reward you can get one for 1/3 the price.

I wish you luck brining a new foil into the US marketplace. As been discussed in this forum Lyft gets wind of this as competition and they will send in the lawyers. Flite pays Lyft to sell into the US market place.

XFoil will not only be introduced in the US market. XFoil will be introduced to world markets. We’ve been serving many industries for a long time. Everyone gets a little nervous when there’s a new player in town. If any competitor wants to make an enemy with us, sure be our guest.

Im open to seeing new players in the game and giving the community more choices. I don’t normally bite but those be some bold claims about out preforming all other boards. I look forward to seeing XFoil out preform all other boards with a “good and efficient :woozy_face:” Yamaha prop paired with a “Custom” china 65161 with a proposed 60km range. I mean it is possible with a 14s28p 24kg battery but at that point it may as well be a boat

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@Source, when are you going to show photos of your DIY board from 2018? :slight_smile:

Keep in mind you are talking to a potential customer.

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