XT90S - Antispark connectors in parallel

Hi Guys,
I’m not aware of AMASS producing a XT150S connector with the same antispark as the XT90S… So, has anyone used 2 x XT90S connectors in parallel to increase the current carrying capacity?

Also, does anyone know where I can find a 150A circuit breaker that is rated for more than 48v? (like this one… Waterproof Surface Mount Circuit Breakers IP67 | 12 Volt Planet). Or would it be safe to place the circuit breaker between 2 6s Lipo packs in series?


Here is a 200 amp version


I am using 1 XT90 / pole. That is working fine.

The Chinese supply for few € :wink:


There are AS 150 and Q8 / OSE8 / Q10 / OSE10 connectors if you want anti spark and higher current.
For instance:

Or these:

I have two battery packs that I use XT-90’s on each in parallel into a 150 amp breaker. I’ve been doing just fine with it. Each pack was made to output 60 amps after the BMS and everything has been just fine.

Yes, this is fine to do.

Check my built , did that « slow built from France »
I used circuit breaker from boat truster , real one made off « Bakelite « not plastic , Taïwan not China …
I still use the same one , armed hundred of times

Why do you need it? I’d think a fuse is more fault tolerant?

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the responses! Never had feedback from a forum that quickly before.

I haven’t decided how to configure my battery connectors and fuse yet, still more reading to do!