XXL Gong foil - 3 / 4 mph?

They did measure about 3/4 mph on the largest V900. Knowing that the XXL is even larger, I guess we can bet for 3mph…

DIY mast attachment for the XXL and board strengh improvement on an old Bic windsurf board… G10 plate, glued and bolted to an old Bic Electro Rock.

We’ll test it without motor as a supfoil, then with the motor but obviously the nose should be cut by at least 50 cm for that…


Hi there, I would rather cut the back end of the board if you want to shorten it and move the mast forward… Can you tell me the max thickness of the Gong XXL front wing, it would help with my new DIY wing. Thanks

In order not to reproduce the weakness of this wing (=ultra low max speed) the idea is to divide the thickness by 2 or 2.5 so that you have a maximum thickness to chord ratio in the 7 to 8% range.

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And since you are going to DiY a front wing, here is a nice fast and tolerant airfoil section with a flat intrados (easier to make).
Aquila 9.3 x 0.86 = 8% thickness to chord ratio (TR)

The Airfoiltools interface allows you to adjust your TR before downloading your dat file… see “Applications/Airfoil plotter” menu then Thickness (%) = 86

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Thanks for the link, it’s nice guidance, I don’t have access to CNC, my tools are hands and eyes :slight_smile: Your advice made me plan to experiment with a higher aspect wing, a bit like the new GoFoil GL series. This is how my current wing looks like, not perfect, but still working towed…

I have the Gong XXL Wing and tested it behind my boat with a 135liter board. I can confirm it flies at 3-4mph. It’s incredible how much lift this wing has. I didn’t take it past 10mph, but it was lots of fun at about 8mph. Smooth and buttery!

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Can you tell me what is the thickness of the Gong XXL wing, please?

How did it go with the XXL Gong wing ?