YAN (yet another newbie) - Board shape feedback for starting out with e-Foiling

Yeh FG, it was a good day. Thanks for the kind words.

Nope - no analysis required! I’m all in on the idea of building my own. I pretty much always have a diy project on the go. The closest past project, to building an e-Foil, would be my e-HG project - I built an electric drive for my hang glider:

Problem was, once I got a flatland launch under my belt, the worry of having RC lipos on my back with no easy way of ejecting them, played on my mind :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My last project has been a flight sensor that I built to Bluetooth airspeed and vario data to a flight app on my phone. An exercise in miniaturisation, that turned out to be!

So no intention to buy a Waydoo :slightly_smiling_face:
Was just appreciating what I perceived to be good design. Plus still chuffed with our Sunday shenanigans.


Yes the “journey” of the build can be just as entertaining as the actual use.

After reading a lot of build threads here one of the challenging issues is getting an easy to use watertight hatch in the board.

I and others have decided to use a commercial board that has proven design, after all they spent a lot of $ in development.

I bought a used Fliteboard and then added all of the components to get a very dependable rig.
The build was fun and I’m out on the water.


Anything that takes you out on the water within budget is a winner :grinning:


Single surface glider? Is the lower take off speed needed for the motor, or are you still launching from a hill?

Hey Kian

Yep single-surface: Wills Wing Falcon.

My drive unit only produced 36kg of thrust at WOT. Petrol units produce over 50kg.
So yes, more difficult to launch from flatland than a ‘Mosquito’ petrol.

It used a relatively small prop (which physics sadly means is less efficient), so can launch from both hill and flatland.

Send me a PM if you would like to know more. Did all this over 5 years ago, but there are plenty of YouTube videos of the craziness :grin:

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Where in New Zealand are you? Im in waikanae. Just about finished my first build.

Hi Carlvasta

Great to hear you’re almost at that awesome milestone of the maiden voyage!

I’m in Auckland and have been slowed/distracted by house reno’s, but am coming out of the other side of that finally.

I’m a fraction of a fraction into my build. Thought I would start with what I consider the most onerous part . . . building sub-moulds for a composite battery/electronics/mast-mount module. I am wanting to put everything under the board like PWR Foil does:

For me, something like this:

But this way up:

I could well be on a fools errand :grin: