Yet Another Build Log

Starting with electronics, (sadly 100/250 was released the day I got these, 20S would’ve be sweet)

Battery currently planned to be 16s12p Sony VTC6 cells, planning on making a plastic enclosure similar to lift’s so I can use it as a general 16s / 360A battery.

Finding a BMS to handle discharge was difficult. I ended up buying a tiny bms because it supports an external relay + current sensor. Unfortunately these high amperage relays are ~1LB, so my new plan is use the BMS charge only and use the vesc’s e-switch as a “relay.” I think this should work great and the vesc uses about as much power as the BMS in low power mode.

I got some recycled supercaps to power my spot welder, but their current output is only 900A, so I think I’ll have to add more caps to spot weld copper strips to the batteries.

Where would you get these supercaps ? Seems to be SATA6 interface ?

slow build, some more pics

still unsure if I’m going to double down on this battery design

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motor mounted, cables routed

The caps were from some server backup boards (I think). They didn’t end up working out that well and I ended up buying 60 recycled maxwell ones and cut out some instead.

I really like the design of Trampa’s pcb battery pack because the cells are loose and you can disassemble to take on a plane. Wish it came in 16s12p.