Youtube Reviewer Wanted! Any recommendations?

We are looking for passionate reviewer who love to do unboxing review on our awesome product - SEAROVER electric bodyboard

If you have any recommendations, pls let us know. Comment or tag the reviewer you know who is suitable for reviewing our SEAROVER on this FACEBOOK page post:

You will be rewarded gift card if the person you recommended to us is adopted! Top 3 recommendation will be chosen under FACEBOOK post for $200 gift card; $100 gift card;$50 gift card

The reviewer we wanted,
1.The YouTuber who has a good reputation and influence in their industry ; The more followers, the better.
2.Good at reviewing the product related water sport, like electric bodyboard/sea bike/sea toy/sea scooter/eboat/ etc.

Thank you everyone in advance!

This is the Reviewer that will sum up the Searover perfectly until you put a foil on it :

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Sounds like a job for jezza. You know each other already and he will push the Scooter to its limits and far beyond. Can’t wait to see review videos of him ripping through the water :checkered_flag::checkered_flag: go!

Haha, I wouldn’t be caught dead on that thing. If I got sent one I’d strip it for parts and do something else with them…

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@HGL-Tech Maybe you could take it down to your local kindergarten for show and tell. :joy::sweat_smile::smiley:

Guys, guys, you don’t have to be a virgin to ride one of these. But if you are, you will for sure stay one.

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