1000 registered users

Hi everyone!

Our community efoil.builders just reached 1000 registered users.


Very excited about this momentum! So great to see people innovating, building and sharing their insights from all over the world. So many of you have contributed to an incredible amount of valuable information here over the last few months. Awesome!

Looking at the site logs, the registered users are only a small fraction of all people browsing this forum. I know we have many more readers out there contemplating with the idea to get started on their own efoil project. We hear these stories every week. Get started! Sign up and join the discussion. We realize that it takes time for new users to read up, some great info is deep inside some of the threads. It can be a bit intimidating to get started. Take the time to read. Use the forum search to learn more about a specific topic, search works great. And we are always looking into ways to make insights more accessible in a structured way, like with Wiki and summary/dictionary posts.

Happy efoiling!



Dear Merten,
Without a doubt, you started the creation of the electric foil encyclopedia.
The history of this sport can never forget its name.