12s12p, 2x motors, mounts, ESCs

All, I’ve moved away from electric hydrofoils and have chosen to just stick with my traditional setup. Prices are OBO, I’m located in Florida.

My old thread was here: Cmatson first build - 65161 | 12s12p 40T | Cloud9 | Custom Remote

Since early 2021, nothing has happened on the project and it’s all been frozen in time. I had the board out twice with a 12s lipo in a Pelican case, but never succeeded in a waterproof hatch… The battery has <10 cycles (never saw water) and was stored at 3.8V a cell: it was only used briefly on an electric moped project up until last year.

ESC 1 - $100
I pulled it out of the board, worked on the last ride:

ESC 2, Flipsky, brand new never used - $250:

Motor, brand new never used (bought with flipsky ESC at the time) $400:

12s12p battery, made by a very very reputable manufacturer with a built-in BMS. paid $3,000 for it at the time. I’m open to offers, and still debating if I’ll keep it for future projects.

Mast, fiberglass/epoxy motor mount, milled aluminum motor mount bracket, motor, prop combo. This was what I came up with in school (see the design thread) when I had access to a small machine shop. There is a channel for the wires and a front-facing water tube for your ESC cooling. The mast does NOT come wih a board plate, I’m keeping it for my regular foil setup. This motor was filled with the green solution to prevent corrosion and ran during a few uses, but hasn’t been used since 2021. I cut the wires trying to get everything apart.

Open to offers, I have no idea what it’s worth but I’m motivated to sell.

Cloud 9 X32 foil setup with Liquid force smaller wings. Great combo with two full sets that match the mast listed above. They are beat up but offer a great starting point for a cheap DIY build. Open to offers.

Bump, I’m motivated to sell! Open to offers on all components.

Wings have sold, all other items are still available!

Hi, do you still have the used maytech motor and ESC?

If so flick me a email reubencomputer@gmail.com


Battery available? Whats the capacity looking like?