12s12p, 2x motors, mounts, ESCs

All, I’ve moved away from electric hydrofoils and have chosen to just stick with my traditional setup. Prices are OBO, I’m located in Florida.

My old thread was here: Cmatson first build - 65161 | 12s12p 40T | Cloud9 | Custom Remote

Since early 2021, nothing has happened on the project and it’s all been frozen in time. I had the board out twice with a 12s lipo in a Pelican case, but never succeeded in a waterproof hatch… The battery has <10 cycles (never saw water) and was stored at 3.8V a cell: it was only used briefly on an electric moped project up until last year.

ESC 1 - $100
I pulled it out of the board, worked on the last ride:

ESC 2, Flipsky, brand new never used - $250:

Motor, brand new never used (bought with flipsky ESC at the time) $400:

12s12p battery, made by a very very reputable manufacturer with a built-in BMS. paid $3,000 for it at the time. I’m open to offers, and still debating if I’ll keep it for future projects.

Mast, fiberglass/epoxy motor mount, milled aluminum motor mount bracket, motor, prop combo. This was what I came up with in school (see the design thread) when I had access to a small machine shop. There is a channel for the wires and a front-facing water tube for your ESC cooling. The mast does NOT come wih a board plate, I’m keeping it for my regular foil setup. This motor was filled with the green solution to prevent corrosion and ran during a few uses, but hasn’t been used since 2021. I cut the wires trying to get everything apart.

Open to offers, I have no idea what it’s worth but I’m motivated to sell.

Cloud 9 X32 foil setup with Liquid force smaller wings. Great combo with two full sets that match the mast listed above. They are beat up but offer a great starting point for a cheap DIY build. Open to offers.

Bump, I’m motivated to sell! Open to offers on all components.

Wings have sold, all other items are still available!