3d printed props/impeller with carbon fiber embedded filament

Does anyone have experience with printing props/impeller with carbon fiber embedded filament?
Or atleast tested a printed prop from CarbonX or similar?
If so , is it durable enough ?

Check this for info:

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Seen that, sometime ago.

I was referring to carbon fiber re-inforced filament flavors.

Thanks anyway

CFK Filament make a good job.
I use ist many for Jets und Props.
Evt. Draw it with Epoxy…
Greetings Frank

How does it hold up? Is it durable for long uses?

What brand CarbonFiber reinforced filament you used?

Thanks for the reply.

Here is my experience. I printed a few props on the Markforged Onyx One with their Onyx nylon based filament which includes chopped carbon fiber. I didn’t try to print with continuous fiber on the Onyx Two yet. I was totally underwhelmed with the stiffness of that Onyx material compared to my earlier ASA prints of the exact same prop. ASA never failed and it was very stiff, I just wanted to test Onyx to see if I get even better stiffness. Well that wasn’t the case at all, the prop tips are way too flexible. I ended up wrapping that Onyx prop in top and bottom layers of carbon cloth which made it super stiff - however it now has thicker blades and I don’t think its any better than my thinner ASA props. So I think am staying with ASA for printed props for now - and maybe I try a hollow light one with very thin blades and wrap it in carbon again because I like that extra stiffness. Here a pic of my ASA prop (white) and the carbon wrapped Onyx print.


Yeah thanks for sharing .
I assume the Nylon base are the reason of the excessive flex.

When you have experience with Onyx2 Continuous Carbon fiber, please share again your thoughts. Very much appreciate it.

I wonder if the PolyCarbonate base like CarbonX™ PC+CF 3D Printing Filament would be great for props.


My experience with additives in filament like this are that they don’t really add any strength to prints in the way that we would need. There’s no continuity in the fiber to enable that. But there are other benefits that are interesting in some cases, such as increased surface hardness for more durability and things like that. Currently running a test to see if the fiber additives have a benefit when it comes to core-to-laminate bond. Hoping that there is some adhesion with a roughed up fiber surface. We’ll see.

@pacificmeister curious to see if you’ve got any new prop files to share. I’ve been trying to run some tests on some direct drive motors and feel like I’ve been over-proping them. The best so far has been a modified 4-blade @hiorth type design. Not too much pitch to stress the motor.

Not yet. I am currently experimenting with @Peter’s prop design for his motor, a powerful direct drive. Which direct drive motors are you testing?

Current new direction is using my Maytech 85162. Hoping to take the whole setup with me over the holidays soon to do some tests away from the frozen winters here. Hopefully I’ll get a prop that works before I leave. Still not there yet. Can get up on foil, but I feel like I’m near full throttle to do it so not getting a lot of efficiency so far :frowning: So close I can feel it :slight_smile: