3D printer choices

Really an impressive printer. How much if I may ask ?

Doing some reading on Bambu vs Creality and the new products support a WiFi connection.
Some of the obvious advantages are eliminating the SD card transfer of data, and separate locations for PC and printer etc but the language around whether the “connection” to the manufactures site isn’t very clear as to how much value it is to the end user.

Do you have to have “log in” to use the printer?
Is the library of designs useful.

Well sorry i dont know, i always use the mac / iphone app to monitor the prints when not at home…
The app is great to receive alerts (end of filament, spaghettis…), The micro SD route was a pain for me even with the printer close to my computer, wifi way is so much smoother and faster

Are we talking bambu here?

So when you use the app on your phone out of range of your wifi (cell connected) are you logging into the manufactures site or the printer
via its own embedded server?

I started with a Prusa MK3+ but now I love my new Bambula X1. Crazy printer, unbelievable speed and quality. PLA, PETG and PLA CF always a success and awesome result. ASA and high temperature filaments is still a challenge for me. The new PATH CF is expensive but absolut worth to buy, especially for usage under water!

Bambu ASA 0,2 nozzle highest quality level


They had the Printer + AMS combo for $1299 instead of $1499 during black friday. I bought the textured PEI plate and a bunch of ABS filament as well. They freqently have sales on filament, especially in ABS, which makes it the same price as PLA. I dont even bother printing in PLA anymore.


Both Creality and Bambu seem to offer or perhaps require connection to their respective site. I think they both offer wifi connectivity of the printer to your router but I’m trying to determine if you can run the printer with all features “locally” or you are required to be logged in to the manufacture site to get full function.

There is a LAN only mode but you will lose access between the Bambu Handy app and the machine and lose remote capability using the app. All other features are retained including camera connection to your PC.

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Creality has allowed users to root them which gives full functionality through orca on a local network. If you out and about and want to monitor remotely then I’ve only used crealitys app. To be honest I’m home most of the time so haven’t actually looked for a alternative for remote monitoring… A simple workaround would just be a remote desktop into my PC though

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@mekanism and @Jezza

Thanks for the info. I don’t really see myself with a need to “remotely” manage/monitor the printer although I can see why that capability would be useful to others.

Nice equipment from both vendors - analysis paralysis plus trying to justify the investment has set in :grinning:

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Has anyone been seduced by the Prusa MK4 and its 250 x 210 x 220mm printing volume ?

I point a blink webcam at my prints nice to check if its still rollin. Gotta say my elcheapo ender 3 neo has been dam good so far…1 year. Its almost disposable cheap.

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Qidi xplus3
Unique advantages are 350c nozzle and 65c heated chamber.

I use it as well for drying. Put the filament under cartoon box onto something on the bad. For example 65c chamber + 85c bed gets me 65c filament temperature. 100c bed gets me 75c filament temperature.
That is a real measured drying temperature , not confuse with bamboo prescription for it’s printer.

So I print PC at 300-330. Depends on the blend, Gizmo-dorks is problematic, because it is more pure PC, will see if the chamber and the bed temperature in xplus3 is enough.
I plan PC for the propeller.

Recently fall in love with Torwell petg , it does not brake, only flexes.