3D printing, how do you do it?

How is everyone printing their files?

Which slicer(s) are you using?

What settings are you using for your printer? (fill, shell, layer height, etc)

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Program= Cura
Infill=100% (on most parts)
Material= PLA
Layer height= 0.15mm
Temp= 190-200C

Would recommend to order SLS or other professional prints if you want them waterproof. Table top printers are great, but not ideal to make waterproof and parts for waterproof seals, there may be leaks between layers.

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Why does nobody print in abs? I read it a lot of times that pla is preferred for this. I print abs almost a hundred times, even waterproofed parts and never had problems with it.

ABS printed parts will work just fine, specially if done with a heatated camber on a more expensive machine. A cheap machine with 100% infill ABS warp as hell (at our printer), giving really bad prints (in terms of dimensions). Our experience is that PLA is much easier to work with, which makes it a good material for this application.

I print with ABS exclusively. 100% infill works great for me. I run a XYZ Davinci 1.0 with Repetier software. PLA is too weak. However I am new to hydrofoiling so this is going to be a learning experience for me.

PLA seems to hold better than ABS

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I would like to add that fdm 3d printing in PLA is not to make parts that will last forever. Its a tool to figure out what works, when you know, other production methods such as injection molding(many) or sls nylon (few).



you maybe can get rid of leaks if you set the extrusion multiplier value a little bit higher… reduces precision on your parts but makes them even a little bit more durable… i think its called “flow” in cura… i´m using simplify3d.

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Looks like @pacificmeister has been using ASA. Seems to be a pretty ideal choice given is strength and weather/water/ UV resistance. I have also been looking into trying the carbon reinforced nylon filaments. Nylon absorbs water but supposidly this does not affect the dimensions of the finished part. It is critical to make sure the Nylon is very dry before printing with it though but once the part is done taking on a little water does not seem like much of a problem.

Actually I printed my current build completely in PLA on my little $350 Qidi x-one printer. My next setup is also PLA printed on Don’s Raise3D printer. We tried NylonX (carbon infused) on the Raise3D and it was a nightmare getting it to stick and print correctly. As you say, maybe it was not dry enough. Back to PLA. I was printing a few earlier design in ASA on our Stratasys Fortus 450 printers at Autodesk Pier 9. Awesome durable stuff yes and I’ll continue printing there whenever I am up there. But PLA works great for testing. Quick preview on the parts of the next build, all PLA:


Excited to see build #2! When are you starting on it!?

Anyone have any luck printing in polycarbonate? I’m looking at upgrading my print bed and hot end to handle the higher temp. Seems like it has some great properties for this type of service.

Why not printing in PETG, easy to print cheap and as strong as ABS.
I made an EUC and it’s a good compremise .
Use with lockbuild is very easy it strings a bit but not warping .

I am looking to invest in a 3D printer. Looking for a good balance between quality and price. What do you all recommend and what are the pros and cons of each?

I have the Qidi. Works great! http://a.co/7gOQ8lr

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@pacificmeister, Why the switch to Raise3D? Quality? Size?

we use wanhao i3 plus. Really good print-quality/price ratio. But you need good PLA filament, not the cheapest ones :slight_smile:


Hi @Gliderpilot, I still only have my little $350 Qidi in my garage. Works ok but I just realized that it prints a little oval…like my duct. I have tight tolerances there. X and Y motors seem to be a little off. Hardly noticible though. The Raise3D prints very nice and I was able to print all components at once on its huge print bed. Very convenient. Best and fastest was always the Fortus450 at my work with ASA or Polycarbonate… but these printers are like a 200k+ investment :slight_smile:

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I use Anycubic I3 MEGA

I printed some parts with MJF HP

And I tried to print with formlabs 2 (but the comsumable is too expensive, and the post prod it’s a nitghmare)

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I have a roll of carbon infused PLA , carbon infused Nylon and Nylon ! I will be doing tests on all 3 and will post results