3D printing our propellers using conformal slicing on a 5-axis 3D printer

Our propeller blades are not as strong as we would like because they are printed perpendicular to their main surface if we don’t want to print supports that are time consumming.
5-axis 3D printing and conformal (non planar) slicing is possible along the main curved surface. Industrial solutions like the Vshaper do exist: 'VSHAPER 5AX - Professional 3D Printing five axis gamechanger! but at the price of 300,000usd.

For home users, a support-less 3D printing is now possible under 1300usd on a modified prusa mk3s+ (here using Rhino + GrassHopper)

The GitHub repository : 'https://github.com/FreddieHong19/Open5x

Non planar printing

Assembly of the 5th axis

3D printing a Helix

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2022 Nov 17:

Just insane:

The 5 axis board is a Duet2 and designed by Duet UK: 130 GBP

3D printing props is slow and tiresome. With a CNC you can cut props way faster.

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There is also a noise problem with CNCs, which makes them barely usable in flats.

Other 5 axis 3D printer projects: https://github.com/FreddieHong19/Open5x/blob/main/Other_works.md


If you cutting acetal and your CNC in enclosed the noise is actually pretty low. But it’s a lot faster than a 3d printer and stronger too.