4092 brushless motor

Did anyone tried a 4092 motor with Gearbox? As the Neugart ple40 is same diameter, it would give a nice slim setup.

4,2kW peak ? I remember that some people here were pushing 100A+ on 12S pack to get on plane. Furthermore, you still need to adapt the flange, it comes with a square flange no matter what you choose.

I have ple without flange

Original Neugart ?

I don’t see where you can choose the no-flange version. I have original Neugart and it comes with a square flange.

you need to order direct mount type. Not on the webpage, need call them.

Look here.

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My first built I used a tp motor 40mm, it has enough power for take off and 35km/h but it pushed hard , still working … several built here with 40mm working , Peter used this motor as well with success …

Check out silvio build. 20 char