6384 motor low power

I’ve built a efoil assist with a 6384 motor, 150a flycolor esc and a 6s 6amp 75c lipo battery. I’ve epoxied the motor to waterproof it.

My maytech remote does not start the motor until 54% power.

I took it for a test on the flat water and the motor really struggled. I was able to get up to 5kmph and could hear the motor was really struggling.

Link to video showing motor running. 6384 efoil - YouTube

Any ideas?


Have you tested with another remote?
You can also measure your free spining rpm. It should be V*kv.
75C but what is your mah? (Also its usually lower than in reality)
What prop are you using?

Free spining rpm should be 3000
So its either your remote. Or your esc upper pwm is incorrect. Take a loook at the manual an recalibrate it

I only have the one remote available at the moment. 6000mah.
Remote setup with 6 poles rpm measures 1600 at 100% throttle (with propeller in air).

I’m using this prop and currently have another 3 blade prop printing 3D design 156 0.39 1.09 15 4 Loch | Tinkercad

I dont understand. How are you measuring the rpm with the flycolor esc? It does not provide feedback. In my case i just tie a wire (or maybe just the prop blades) hit and object. If you analyze the audio you can check the frequency ( if you have 2 blades, you have to divide the number by 2)

Your batt should be ok

I’ve run a cable from my motor wire to the maytech remote receiver. Is this not accurate?

Oh, sorry, no clue about it

Thanks for your help. I’ll try get my hands on my remote. I believe my rpm is approximately half of what it should be and my remote is not activating until 50%.

Also dont forge to calobrate the limits of your signal in the esc. Sounds like the upper one is incorrect

I’ve been trying to calibrate. I hold down trigger on remote and then plug in esc. Motor just continuously beeps and does not calibrate. Unsure if it’s an issue with my esc or remote.

It will not go into calibration mode because the esc is only sensing about 50 percent power when you are at full power. Verify the remote is in esurf mode and recalibrate the throttle in the settings menu on the remote. Might still be an esc issue, which esc are you using?

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Have you programmed your esc with forward only mode and no break and also calibrated it for your remote also as describe in the manual for your esc?

Just found this manual, not sure if it is the same as your esc

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Using flycolor 150a. In esurf mode. Esk8 mode works from 0-100% but still same amount of power. Esk8 mode works from pwm range 1.5ms-2ms compared to surf which is 1ms-2ms.
I’ve done the calibration on remote many times and still the same.

I’ve been unable to enter programming mode because of the issues. Should be in forward only as that’s default and no brake setting.

A friend had the same maytech remote. I went and used that with my esc and it works perfect. Double the power output at the motor. I guess I must have a faulty remote or receiver which maytech said was not the case.
Edit: tested both remotes with each receiver. Found its only the receiver is faulty and not the remote. Hopefully maytech will send out replacement.


6384 motor and most rc outrunners are wound with 12 slots and 14 poles. This means that it’s 7 pole pairs, not 6 and you’ll see a reported speed that is faster than the actual speed since the motor does 7 electric revolutions per mechanical revolution and not 6.