65161 + FSESC 200A 60V VESC Settings


Would anyone be able to share their configuration file or list the settings used for this configuration please. I have gone through this thread but have not had success with any settings yet > VESC Tool thread - how to program

I have water tested the board but it was very low on power. BLDC seems very rough with my settings.

65161 Motor
12S12P Battery


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I hope someone can provide some help you, I have the same question. Following the included instructions and online recommendations didn’t seem to to do it.

I’m in the same boat. My wiring is good (the motor spun properly during the setup), but while trying to connect my controller, the tool said I needed to update my firmware. I updated it, and now the motor is jittering and overheating when I try to make it spin. I believe the issue was forgetting to disable phase filtering, but I don’t know where to go from here. I don’t know if the esc or motor is damaged, or if it’s just a firmware issue.

I’ll report back if I get my setup to work, but hopefully someone else who knows more can help out.

Yo I just got mine to work. I have the same motor, battery, and esc configuration. I can’t guarantee anything, but let me know what questions you have and I might be able to help.

What problems are you having? I might be able to help.

What did you do that ended up working? I guess if you have a moment a brief list of things would be helpful. I.e. which vesctool version, firmware version, settings, etc. Thanks.

This is a link to a different post that goes over what my problem was, as well as some solutions. I hope it helps.

I initially had it setup with default firmware which was limiting the Motor Current too much.
I am now using the unrestricted version and this is much better.

My issue is when approaching full load the motor stutters and loses power.

I am using FOC mode. What settings influence this stuttering?

What vesc firmware are you using? I had the same problem and downgraded to 5.1 wifi solved my problem

I am running 5.2
Where can I download 5.1?

Here: Precompiled VESC Tool Archive - The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8 - esk8.news: DIY Electric Skateboard Forums