65162 Prop guard STL wanted

Has anyone made or modified a prop guard to fit this motor yet?
If so, is the STL file available for sharing?


You mean the Flipsky motor?

Yes, im assuming its the same as the maytech, but mine is a flipsky for clarification.

I had a Flipsky too and I made a propeller in CAD.
I will share it when I am in front of my Computer
But the Propeller is still not tested.

super, look forward to it

There have been a couple shared already

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Ive tried to search the forum without luck.

Flipsky Propeller untested

here is mine…

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Looks like that print turned out nice. What did you print it in? PLA?

any supports on that print?
what infill ect…

On the picture i print in PLA, i also try PETG

And yesterday i got from FR the last Propeller.
So, in the summer i will test all configurations.

I print it without sopports :wink:
I use 70-80% Infill

Did you ever test this prop @nice2cu?

Not me, but i got the info from one German guy that he successfully tested my prob.
But, the FR Propeller is better :wink: