Looking for STL file for 65150 FR prop fairing

Hi guys.

I’m almost ready to do a water test. I plan to use the FR prop on my 65150 motor. I’m short on time, haven’t got around to designing my own fairing yet. Does anyone have one they are willing to share? Hope to have a smooth water flow from motor to prop during this test.

I could use the modified MaB one. But the file I have isn’t modifiable in fusion360, and it’s not for the FR prop, so doesn’t fit very well.

If someone already shared these, please point me in the correct direction.


My one is here…

A bit lower in the thread is the hub without the duct.


Ah! Excellent. Thank you. I remember seeing that now. With all the holiday madness I’m loosing it!

I’m trying hard to make time for this project! :rofl:


I think the one on your picture is the one I designed.
If you send me the hub diameter of your prop and the size of the gap, I can change that for you.

Nice duct guys! I would be interested in that as well! Would you mind posting a link to the STL on this thread?

I took a stab at copying the FR prop and just 3d printing it. Happy to share the file if you guys are interested. I would love to size this prop to fit this duct or vise versa…

Yea. I’d love to try to print it. You mind sharing the STL? What did you create it in? Fusion 360?

Yes. I think it is your fairing mod. Thank you for the offer. But, for now I’m gonna try the @michion one.


Sure thing man. You have shared so much good info on your build that I would be happy to share whatever I can to help. Here is my entire Flipsky thruster assembly. Feel free to grab from it whatever you might find useful! If you are running a VESC or some other type of logger, I would love to know how this prop stacks up against the others. I tried my best to make an exact replica of the FR prop using dimensions i found on this forum and also dropping in different pictures i could find into the canvas and copying the profiles.


What kind of profile do your blades have?
Looks like uniform extrusion. Along the axis they should have an asymmetric (air)foil profile.
The FR definitely has an (air)foil profile, hence the different thickness of middle and sides.

These are just flat. My Fusion skills aren’t that advanced yet haha. I would love to learn how to make an airfoil profile on the blades though.

For Fusion there is a NACA Airfoil Generator. By using this, you can first model the middle section of the blade and then sweep it a long a given path on the hub (to get the pitch) together with a guidance line (for the radial dimension variation).


Very cool. Thanks for sharing

Can you help me with sending the stl file for ducts. This should fit the flipsky motor, correct.

Follow the link posted above. The STL files are available in that thread. Yes. They will work on the Flipsky motor

Hi @michion.

Looks like you designed these for a thrust bearing. A thrust bearing would help the motor bearings last a bit longer. Can you provide a link to the bearings that fit this? You mentioned ceramic vs stainless bearing too?

Thank you!


It seams like my Flipsky 65161 motor is not the same as the Reacher motor?

I printed the @michion fairing and the outer diameter, and the screw holes line up, but the inside diameter hits the cone on the motor. Lacks about 7mm from going all the way on.

Temporary fix. :beers::call_me_hand:

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The bearing size is 51101, 12x26x9mm.

Link to one here. I got them off aliexpress for half the price of these ones but the supplier seems to have disappeared.


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I put a 45 degree bevel on the inside when designing it. Only had the reacher tech motor so had a bit of a guess for the Flipsky. Looks like it needed a deeper bevel to fit the Flipsky. That would of messed with the thread for the Reacher tech anyway so I wouldnt of allowed for it.

Thank you!