66160 Brushless Motor 8.5kW + Aluminum Propeller

Hello guys, yesterday I was planning on winning an auction on ebay for flipsky 66161 100KV (i was top bitter for few days at 206€) but someone put 1eur more than me 1minute before end… so yea I am pretty sad, cause I need it for my school project, but that I found this one from ebay what do you guys thing about it, is it comperable to flipskys? 66160 Brushless Motor 8.5kW + Aluminum Propeller | eBay

It looks like it is not a brand…
Do any of you guys have anything similar to flipskys motor for under 250$?

Do you have any expirience with it (building efoil)?

What KV is optimal for efoil build (you have a lot options on this motor)
Has anyone tried building efoil with it?

I used a 120 kv motor to build an efoil in a rifle case. Before use, I recommend removing the front cover, checking the condition of the o-ring and filling the motor with mineral oil.
Of the negative points, I can note the wiring 10 awg and the shaft without thread.

Are you this guy? ([Surf n' Destroy] RIFLE CASE EFOIL for less than 1800€ - YouTube)
So u were using this exact model of motor like this one?
Right now I am checking out some specs of this motor and compare it to flipsky 65161. I can see that flipsky has 9NM at 60% ( i dont exacly know what 60% mybe 60% of power on remote…?), and 66161 has max torque 7NM… so that means flipsky has more thsn 16NM at 100%? Will that make any problem with foiling?
Has anyone used this specific motor in build (66161)?

Thank you for all information and help!
Regards Luka

It’s not me

Have u used 66161 motor in this build?

And has anyone bought it from this site 66160 100KV Sensorless Waterproof Brushless inrunner motor for efoil e – Dongguan Freerchobby Co.,Ltd
What were dimentions of the motor, cause on one site it says 66x160 on others 66x112?
What is the right one?

I was interested in the motor for a 2nd efoil , it is supposed to be a threaded shaft now, but couldn’t get a clear answer from them with email/Facebook chat.

If you order let me know what your get…

Yep i saw that too! Do you think it is enough powerfull for efoil?

And how is it in salt water?

A lathe and some craftsmanship.


I just got a freerchobby 66160 motor and the phase resistance on it is 100mohm for 120kV, measured with two different milliohmmeters. That’s enough heat creation during starts to bake bread on so i am trying to get warranty on it.

The three phase to phase resistances are differing by as much as 25% also so the winding has issues.
Long story short, this motor will burn long before the rated 6000W.

Let’s see if they come through, so far they try to avoid responsibility.

Ordered and got no threaded shaft even though the site states this. Will have to do a workaround just like rttn.

I finally got my money back for my 66160 motor through a paypal claim.

Freerchobby tried to argue that the phase resistance was OK, but that it varies with rotor and without rotor assembled - which is obviously incorrect.

I had to disassemble motor, remove rotor and take a film where i showed the resistance measurement.

The bottom line is that the performance charts for the 66160 motor on the freerchobby site are falsified - this motor will not deliver the stated power.

Freerchobby is a company to be avoided since they try every means to avoid warranty.

Did you have to return the motor tho?


No, i got the money repaid in full due to the warranty claim on the motor.

That doesn’t give me a free motor, if/when motor burns it might damage the esc so it is basically useless to me.