666foil build in France

Just the duct. A little longer.

Hi Christophe,

I’m Sébastien,
I’m just on the other side of the lake, not far,
and my prototype for first tests should be ready in 15 days.

I fellow the pacificmeister instructions excepted some differences
to get a low cost ride.

I hope I will have a good result as the excellent you have :blush:
congratulations !

I had a question about your batteries, 12s, does it mean that you give power for
around 44V to your ESC ?

Thanks a lot, and pleasure to meet you soon, i hope, on the lake.

A little bit more. When the battery pack is fully charged, you have 4,20 v X 12 = 50,4 v
And when the pack is fully discharged, you have 3,3 v X 12 = 39,6 v (be careful, it’s the limit)

Thanks Cristophe.
I need to improve my characteristics for the moment, my results aren’t enough for the moment.
not enough speed.

@cristophe I also did the PacificMeister build in PLA and also have had leaks past my seals in the SealMount. So I want to have this part made in aluminum as you have done. Do you have a CAD file you can share for this purpose?

After more than 50 hours of use, the motor unit works well. Here is the beginning of winter, so complete disassembly. We are less brave than the @Hiorth brothers. On disassembly, the coupler is de-serrated and a little water inside (a thimble). The piece is identical to that of @pacificmeister with additional seals. So I did not invent anything. We must modify the parts to make the engine cell perfect . …
… and find a solution for a waterproof remote.


cristophe could you share your modified seal mount assy.
Did you change the dimension of the grooves of where the o rings sit or keep same as pacifimeister?

the adventure continues even if the temperature of the water is very cold. Do not fall !!! :grin:



Great drone footage and beautiful scenery.

I was thinking the same thing - wherever that is I want to live there :slight_smile: The water is beautiful!


Super très belle vidéo et très bon build…:wink::grinning:

The ski season is there but we must take care when we can not ski or fly. So why not do efoils !!! Soon a race with friends on the lake :grin:



The foil on which you attached the red pod, is it a RL hydrofoil / @ELEVATE.rocks , called Elektrofoil Carbon, with optimised front wing (80 x 17cm = 1068cm2) seen here ?

or is it the Chinese Quaway windfoil equivalent 1030cm2 (77.7 x 16.9cm) found here that is designed for speed?

Has anybody tried the 2 pod head screws in a more flush orientation ? IMHO, If they were oriented backward, that would induce low to no drag compared to the original design. At 45kmph (speed reached by Elevate) this kind of detail starts counting and also means less vibration …


Yes it’s a original RL.

Those look great!! Excited to see them on the water.

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Sorry it’s not red but blue. :grinning:


@cristophe I see that you have put new inspection hatches on the deck, have you reinforced the waterproofing if yes with what? Yes well are they waterproof enough?
I have one for my static foil it is waterproof but not tested in dynamics…

Hi Cristophe,
can you please tell me, where did you buy hatch for the battery?

@Manu we tested this week without efoil just to check if it is waterproof. And Yes. The board was under water.