7364 270kv Propeller CAD for 3D printing?


I i building a trolling motor for a kayak. Have a 12V 300Ah litium battery and want to test tomorrow. Do somebody have a STL/Cad file for a propeller that can work ? it will spin at about 3000 RPM.


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Hi, it is very likely that an unknown and untested propeller shape will not be suitable for your motor. There are many reasons for this, perhaps just give this first reason from the experience of a successful builder:

(Volker's second build (shorty) - #16 by V_S)

If I were you, I would choose the smartest solution, like this:

  • first find a successful project with the same motor.
  • ask for information about the propeller
  • make or buy the propeller
  • don’t waste time on trial and error, it can take many years

Loaded if everything goes well, rpm maybe 2700(80% of unloaded 12,5 v)?. Your max speed with a kayak (before it start to burry the stearn deep), maybe 12kmh? If we considering 20% slip, you would need a pitch of roughly 3,75 inch. A kayak is much more forgiving than a e foil, but too much pitch will probably burn the motor.

Did you mean 6364 motor? share some pictures so we can help you find a prop that fits your motor geometry.

I ment 6374 motor from alien. https://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/63mm/aps-6374s-sensored-outrunner-brushless-motor-130kv-3200w/
But in 270kv.
Sorry for late reply have been sick in bed for 2 days.

Yes the kayak is no speed monster, just a propeller that fits on the motor i am fine.

Yes, that sems good. 12 km/h is about 6.5 knots. It will maybe use about 1 to 2 KW of power but my battery is only 3,5 kWh so crouice around at 500W will be good. Battery for 6-7 houers.

I main target is calm cruising, would even go down in pitch, no harm in that. Actually a trolling motor propeller might otherwise work fine, the issue is that the hub is very wide on them so it does not make much sense.