9V UBEC is killing the receiver?

I can’t get the SSS motor running. Because the receiver might get damaged. The motor only beeps every second. It was running flawless in the past…
I have the skateboard remote control from Banggood:

For the power of the receiver I’m using this Ubec connected to the Seaking:

My adjusted output voltage of the UBEC is 9V to run a waterpump. The receiver of the remote is also getting the 9V.

Could it be that the receiver is getting damaged because the voltage is above the standard 5,5V? If yes, do I need a second UBEC for the 5,5V?

Yes. Either get a 2nd UBEC or see how the pump runs at 5V.

Another piece for the electronic graveyard… What controller are you using in the moment?

Still using a GT2B remote. My 2nd one, I drowned and killed one already too.

I was also using a Winning remote for a while, borrowed from my electric skateboard. Worked ok. It’s a v2 of that remote with improved reliability over the v1.

Hope to soon build a waterproof one, there are things in progress here….

hi, yea i was looking at the hall sensor option, for speed control, its a nice idea for keeping the water from the important stuff, but why not just a rubber seal around the potentiometer shaft, and filling the circuit board battery area with silicone or epoxy,
the ecu circuit boards on outboards and motorbikes etc are always filled with epoxy, it seems to stand the test of time

I also have the winning remote from aliexpress. Did the receiver work OK through the battery box?

Unfortunately not at all. My electronic box is under water during start, the smallest amount of water cuts the signal. I had to extend the antenna to the front with some RG178 coaxial cable. That works well now.

Ill try something similar, Thanks.

I think we have the same “winning” receiver. Can you provide a photo how you extend the antenna?

Thank you!

I didn’t take any pics, sorry. Basically I scraped the connection to the old antenna on the PCB, so disconnected that. And then soldered the coaxial cable to it. Shield to ground. On the far end just removed the shielding and left a ~27mm piece of shielded inner cable for a 1/4 wave length antenna (a bit shorter than the 31.25mm you would expect because of the dielectric around the antenna)

Thank you for the explanation but my receiver doesn’t have an antenna cable:

Did I missed something?

It doesn’t have an antenna cable correct. The antenna is a “Leiterbahn” (conductor thread?) printed on the receiver circuit board inside the black case. Disconnect by scraping it with a sharp small tool and solder the coax on.