A simple and practical remote control is already on the market (I want to sell)


Have you tried it out?

I’ve tried it many times. It’s stable and won’t leak

Have you had a look at the inside? Potting and waterproofing?

The circuit board and the screen are completely padded with glue, so there are no leaks and they are very reliable

OK, sounds OK.

Is there any info on the display regarding VESC data? I only see PPM signal, so I don’t think there is a possibility to transfer data from the VESC

First time poster, are you from Erayfoil?

I too would like to know what data can be shown on the remote

I used to use the Maytech remote control all the time, and the screen displayed basically the same content as the Maytech remote control, with the addition of cruise and out-of-control lock Settings

Possibly not with a read time of >4days.

Erayfoils also has a reference on youtube, but what they show is a Fliteboard… :thinking:

How do you feed in that data? Is there a TX RX on the receiver for the VESC data?

It looks cool, but display is very small and I don’t think potting any remote is the right way. Eventually from vibrations and heat change the epoxy/potting will loosen and the remote will loos waterproofness. Look at the open lift foil remote, no potting at all. My remote no potting. That’s the right way to get the housing waterproof and not the pcb.

Packing is hard glue, there will be no loose worry, waterproof is very reliable

Here is a recent “instruction” video, it seems to have a communication port. And an input for the main battery voltage.

It’s sooo cheap, they did have the money to remove the foil on the screen for a good promo video. :rofl:

Maby worth a try?

Can you please make clear if you work for this company or not. In an other post you mention a new motor is coming.

Thank you for your attention. Like everyone else, I started to learn how to make hydrofoil several years ago and learned a lot from this forum. We don’t have a complete set of products available yet, but we’ll share our best accessories with you first.

Seems plain as day to me that he does.

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Please put it under Comercial Adds/Vedonrs where it belongs to.


There are lots of mil-spec or space spec components being potted. Potting is a reliable way to seal against the environment - with the right compound you’ll get a chemical bond that is secure.

Seals and gaskets can work great but eventually dry, age, get dusty and can start to leak so if you can accept that it’s non repairable i’d prefer a potted part.