About the best Shaft Option

i made a search but i can’t find a good topic on it.
I’m in the way to start the construction and i wanna go with Flipski 65161 kit.
There is the option : 12MM ROUND WITH THREAD or 12MM SPLINDED SHAFT.
What do you recomend?
thinking also at a future where i’ve to find a new propeller, which system has more choices option?

12mm with M8 thread, there are more options for propellers and it‘s also easier to design or adapt 3d printed propellers to it.

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It has been said / answered numerous time on multiple threads :

For all the people wanting to get a motor, your best choice is to threaded shaft.

Why ? Simply because it can accommodate most of the prop designs already available (even though some of these would need small adaptations).

Yes, you are right but i started a new post so people can find it easily.
Ok, i will follow your precious suggestions.
Tks a lot and keep you updated.

For example, I have recently been very seriously and honestly criticizing the splined shaft here FS: HGLTech / Flipsky Motor ESC Kit (Bay Area, California) - #4 by Dynamik. In that thread, the author is trying to sell a motor with a splined shaft, including the worst possible propeller in the world (and with a splined bore), because he probably realized the biggest mistake he made when building the e-foil …because he didn’t follow the advice of the experts:-).

Yes, i’ve read it deeply and is for that that i opened a new tread to make possibile to newbie like me to find the correct infos to avoid errors.
Tks for your msg.

The threaded shaft and radial steel pin has also been in common use for many years on, for example, petrol-powered hydroplanes, which reach speeds of 180 to 250 km/h (depending on performance category). I have one such propeller at home.