Aluminium propeller-of your choice. Czech republic

Hi guys. One local company made me an aluminum propeller. (aluminum casting) If anyone is interested, contact is:


What is the pitch and diameter, and why did you chose this shape?

I just wanted to see what quality it would produce.
Make you any propeller.
It’s this propeller.

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Very nice quality. How much did you pay for this job ?
This propeller is PM’s rev3_3blades.stl
Pitch: I think @Manu found 8.38" = 21.3cm for this prop (practical method).

@svtlakovas cast exactly the same model last July.

Since the company can mold any prop:
@Mat is also very satisfied with @foiledagain 156mm prop:

I paid 110 euros. I am satisfied with the quality.
The price was: individual mold preparation, casting, lathe-repair and sanding.

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Not an expert but a good job for the price… do you plan to do a balancing?

yes i am planning to do sam only static balance. I think it will do.

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Have you tested this prop ?
Could this process be any cheaper with 15-20 persons interested ? :shushing_face:

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Good idea for group buy… but I guess you still need 1 mold per propeller… to see this could interest me.

Not yet, I want to test it on next weekend, after that I will now if it is better than the plastic one.

Yes you can have a better price if the peopellers will be the same shape. The sale will be from 10-20 EUR for a piece if you buy atleast 5 same propellers.


I am not an expert but a single-use two-part sand mold is not so difficult to create. The difficulty is to imagine the 2 half prop separated with a wood blank (called “the pattern” by the pros) that will emboss each of the 2 sand surfaces. For that, I think we can take some inspiration from what @virus did with his two-part silicon mould for his carbon props.
Here it all started with a handcrafted piece of wood …: that will be 3D printed in 2019 :wink:

Warning: aluminium casting is not so expensive (one burner heating a 3kg graphite crucible cost less than 50usd) but will be dangerous for your lungs due to toxic fumes unless carried out outdoors or in a well ventilated place.

I live in an apartment building, so I have nowhere to do it. :sweat_smile:
And I leave this job to the company. I look forward to your return. If that’s conclusive, I’m willing to take 1.

did you test the prop? Any results?

I haven’t tested yet, I haven’t had time. Now it’s cold with us, so I will probably test it in spring. But I have in my mind the idea of ​​a project with a Flipsky engine, so maybe even the test will not.:sweat_smile:

Later, I have Macho-tech make another aluminum propeller. (made according to your wishes)

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I would love one to test on my Flipsky 100kv motor.
Can you make me one ?

no problem to do one piece. you must contact the manufacturer by e-mail: and send a propeller design - for example, for 3D printing. They’ll make you what you want.

Let the forum kniw what price you get please