Ambitious project by a noob

Hey guys, as the title says I am noob to efoil DIY and was hoping to get your help to see if I can actually build what I have in mind. My general plan is to build something similar to Farage’s Beluga

But my plan is to house the batteries inside the mast and to have the torpedo to be integrated like this

The idea is to have a battery pack made entirely out of the mast and could be easily swapped if it runs out of juice. The idea is of course ispired by Farage’s plug and play project. Would like to hear what you guys have to say and maybe give me some advice as to what batteries + motor would be the best for this kind of project. Will look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance

You want also to fit the VESC in mast and or fuselage? Usually most of these ideas have a common issue which is basically not enough space to fit a decent battery and the other components. @nice2cu did some cad simulation back in 2020, maybe he can share it?

Would it not be easier to fit the VESC and the fuselage in the torpedo itself? The plan is to have an easy mechanism that allows me to change the batteries and in future I could then design a board that would house the same batteries inside the boards where they just click in place. I have messaged nice2cu and will wait for his reply. Thanks btw


I did some years ago some CAD drawings and proof of concept.
My idea was to put all necessary things inside the torpedo and only the antenna from the receiver is inside the Board.

All versions have some problems, either to thick or to long. The problem was at that time the dimensions from the Akkus.

I think when you construct a Akkupack which one habe less S and less P and a 63xx or 63100 motor it can be working.

But I am sure, you will never get a efoil for high speed or long turns! When you build a torpedo with higher S and P rating, it will be thick and long and that efoil is not good to maneuvering in the curves :thinking:

Thanks for replying buddy. Any chance you can share the link to your thread where you shared these CAD drawings? Cheers

It was a proof of concept.
So I calculated how much 18650 Cells I need for some different Akkupack configurations.
I construct it inside a tube, use a round BMS and a flier ESC and put theme inside the tube.

That’s all!
I thing that drawings are not really a good base for your project.

When I start again with that idea ( but I not will do it :crazy_face: ), I will take a look around wich components are best for that idea.
Motor, VESC/esc, BMS, and Akku Cells, i will select theme for save maximum place. Akkupacks, I 3 years some changes in the technology go to the market. Perhaps now better cells existing for that idea on the market?

Interesting Farage did exactly that and got his machine to run for 15 mins. Which of course is not a lot. I am trying to fit my batteries inside the mast and not the torpedo, leaving enough room in the torpedo for other components. Just wondering if I have to design my mast slightly thicker. What motor would you recommend for something like this?

Maybe you could take some pouch cells, they will fit better to mast shape

15 minutes was to less for me, now I am reaching something like 25-30 km with an average speed of 27 km/h and sometimes I push it to more than 35 km/h .
I can ride also more than 40 km/h ( but I not want it at moment because i broken one rib some weeks ago when I try to foil more than 40 km/h :joy:

So, what I want say, with the torpedo setup I think that is not possible

Interesting , but noob in Efoil , battery in the mast , easily swapped not real sure this all go together

Running a 6384 or 63100 with 140kv and using molicell P42 in 2or 3p 10s could be interesting

Not the best set up to learn how to fly , the mast battery would a challenge to built

This would be a lot a work for small time of riding

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I agree but if I can make the process of swapping the batteries easier then I think I wouldn’t actually mind a 15min run but it will be a challenge for sure. I will look into pouch cells as suggested. Thanks

That is the main problem I think , swapping and keep it strong and watertight all where most stress in applied ( mast)

The position for swapping Akkus can be best in the front from the torpedo.
On the back side you can mount the esc/VESC and the motor.

I guess that is the ambitious part of it all lol

Why do you think it is easier to swap the batteries in the mast or in the motor pod? The main problem is to keep everything watertight and that is easier in a hatch above water level.