Plug & Play Efoil torpedo : Beluga Foil Project

Hi guys,
We have tried to work on a plug and play torpedo easy to install on all kinds of foil brands.
All comments and remarques are welcome…
Enjoy the video… And many thanks to Pacific Meister. :wink:

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very nice, if everything is in your beluga down in the water, how does your receiver works? Do you have the antenna on top?

Everything in the water… low frequency communication (from 26Mhz to 44Mhz)


Did you test the range? Would be interesting how deep the signal works.

more than 1.5m… enough to start

Pilote & our Beluga torpedo … and sea weed :wink:


Can we order a Torpido here ?

May i ask the weight ?

Are you really interested to buy one (without foil) ? We are going to design a full waterproof and easy to use Prototype V2. If you want, we can maybe consider the production for 2 torpedo



Less than 6kg… including batteries

Interested in price of torpedo please

If you do it by yourself, it is the same elements than PacificMeister.
Maybe less expensive than the original version with the batteries inside the board.

In our side, it is still a prototype. But if you are really interested we have in mind to do a small production next year.

The idea is not to make money, but to give the possibility to access to this kind of e-foil without a big investment in a dedicated foil & board.

Where are you from ?


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Fantastic Idea, Frage! I look forward to seeing more info on your construction. I’ve just built my first foil, still haven’t glassed it yet, and am working on making it more economical to power. The way you measured your thrust in this video and actually show it to us is something I’ve struggled to find on other topics.

Well done and thanks for posting!

Thanks Austin.I hope to design an update easy to adapt and remove on any foil :wink:


What surprises me is the tiny prop you are using. That is really neat !

me as well please.

I want to power my old windsurfer


Hey awesome project. I’m working on doing a plug and play motor too and I’m working on the RF penetration part. Can you tell me what you use to send and receive the signal?

Also, what kind of speeds are you getting?

Speed is indicated in the video (at the end :wink: ) : 24km/h

For the radio I use 41Mhz RC. What are you using in your project ?



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I was planning on using 315mhz arduino modules and playing with different antenna types but I haven’t had much time to get out and try it yet. 41 seems like it would give a great improvement right off the bat.

Did you made your 41mhz remote from scratch?
The closest to that range that i found was old remotes at 75mhz, but the board inside was way too big to repackage…